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Ah, that's the problem then, didn't move the global.rpgsave file (And I emptied my recycling bin while it was there too! Oh well, would have restarted to see the events anyways)

Anyways, a funny note: Leg Swipe can cancel confusion out -- Ex. 1st one Confuses the Enemy, then the 2nd one cancels the first.

Typos: Water Spirits

1 -- Whim of the Water Spirit[s] -- Since there were 2.

1 -- start to however[hover] around you

2 -- You're [P]art of your body

3 -- the spirit possessing you do so [more] for more its' own pleasure, then yours'.

4 -- release, feel pleasure.... -- This one is odd, since it's located at the beginning, and the prior sentence had ended in a period.

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lol, yeah, the chances are low (maybe since they've paralyzed me all 3 times before), but if all three of them use it, continuously, or you happen to get unlucky, you end up dead. -- They only need 10 rounds to kill you, since poison does 10% of your max health each round, meaning if you're paralyzed at least twice, you're dead.

Edit: Hmm, seems I can't move my saves from one folder to another. Tried seeing if they were compatible, since last time I overwrote the folder; this time I move the saves, then deleted the old folder, extracted the new ones, and moved the saves back in, but the moved saves doesn't show up when loading -- Is MV save different from VX Ace?

I see, well, the only enemy that I lose to, right now, are the spiders on the 3rd floor (lol what is up with developers and spiders) -- The reason is mainly due to Paralyze, you end up being stuck for around 4-5 turns (the turn it wears off is skipped), and the spider may refresh it during that time, so you're pretty much stuck waiting for death, by poison.

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Might want to check some of the lights again, since besides two of them, they seem infinite; also, adventure's detox doesn't show up, not to mention how OP Refresh is.

Lastly, are saves compatible? Like, would I have to start over to see the new events? (Seems to be, since I haven't encountered any events for floor 2.)