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WOW SUCH A COOL GAME 10783291/10

incredible storytelling btw. glad to see your effort and attention to detail being appreciated :)

fucking fantastic

beautiful. i really really loved this

wonderful game reminiscent of geometry dash. really enjoyed this. super challenging.

mmmmm this reminds me of the trap adventure games. good times

also was wondering if the white text was on purpose? im having trouble reading it

wow!!! very reminiscent of antumbra :)

almost cried for some reason. love this so much. thank you.

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actually just thought of a fix for this- why not make it an upgrade game where you get a new weapon after yer meter fills up? tweak the enemy spawning and i think you could have a pretty solid wave based game - though im sure dev would be moving on to other projects by now. loved the game either way, yo. lookin forward to what they put out next :D

amen. loved the mechanics and premise. has a lot of charm and the buzzy music fits the theme perfectly. only thing id critique would be balancing/lag, though im sure the latters more of an issue w my hardware than the game.

overall an incredible job. big props to the dev :)

sweet christ

dear god the animation is gorgeous - and i love how smooth the movement feels! im not sure if the grounded attack is supposed to keep you grounded on purpose, but if it is it def adds another dimension the combat!

dear god this game is absolutely gorgeous. amazing, amazing job

theres a WHAT

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ayo that sounds kickass!! im already a huge fan of what youve got going here- and i especially love the exploration/artifact mechanic yer thinking of!

man im already getting all hyped up thinking about what youll come up with :))

actually (this is a lot to ask on my part - and you dont have to accept by any means) but if youre at all willing to let somone else work for you on this project, i'd be more than happy to! im not nearly smart enough for programming, but as a brat tryna nab an artistic/animated career id be ecstatic to help out with any visual aspects for free. though i don't have much experience in pixel art, id love to use this as an opportunity to pick it up :)

its totally cool if yer not looking for any extra stuff to manage, im just a big fan of this and all the other things youve got going. big support from here either way, yo! youve got one hell of a knack for this shit :D

just in case, though, here's my portfolio:

hit me up when yer next game drops!!

take care and good luck :)

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loving the aesthetic and gameplay so much. it would be really cool were characters or upgrades or somth to spice up the gameplay a little, but im not complaining! love what youve done with this- youve got a lot of really cool ways to go from here :)

adored this. great job, you guys :

ahh okay!! thanks :)

id actually played it over again from the beginning and still loved it. great concept and execution- esp for a time limited project! i could definitely see this becoming a top notch smooth, satisfying game should you ever decide to come back and do more work on it. cant wait to see what else you make, bud

love the game! itd be neat if you could figure out how to add a save feature :)

man, id love to know how to free the dragon. tried making it to 100 coins but it doesnt look like it worked lmao

jesus calm down man

probably my favorite game ever.