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love the game! itd be neat if you could figure out how to add a save feature :)

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Interesting.  Progress should actually be saved automatically, but it looks like that isn't working on the site for some reason, probably something to do with how embeds/sandboxes the game.

I'll have to look into this, but in the meantime if you play the game at or the auto-save functionality should work.

Edit: So, this is due to the way that chrome/safari/etc block cross-domain access to indexeddb in conjunction with how hosts games in an iframe.  I'd need to implement an alternative saving mechanism in order to get this working on

In the meantime there are two workarounds:

1) You can enable third-party cookies (in chrome this is called "allow all cookies".

2) You can play the game on or


ahh okay!! thanks :)

id actually played it over again from the beginning and still loved it. great concept and execution- esp for a time limited project! i could definitely see this becoming a top notch smooth, satisfying game should you ever decide to come back and do more work on it. cant wait to see what else you make, bud