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Hi, you have two usernames on please let me know which one is the right one to use.

You have accounts named jelfe on Could you please clarify which one is yours? Thank you.

We can't find you on the Could you please add yourself there?

You can find out more about the IGDC here - This will be the 11th year. 

BYOG is an annual jam and has concluded for this year; the next one will be around the same time next year.

The next big jam a lot of us are hosting  in different cities in India will be the Global Game Jam in January 2020. Find more info on cities here -

As mentioned in the FAQ on the jam page...

# Do we have to register as a team or as an individual for BYOG?
You need to have a valid id and should have signed up for the jam before the submission is due. Only one individual in the team needs to have joined the jam. It will be useful to have other members on as you can add them to your submitted game as contributors. 

Yes, you can use open source art or previously created assets (art and code) for this jam or assets from the many asset stores out there. You can use anything that you legally have the right to use to make a game for this jam.

Tiny but interesting little game :) I wish there was some dramatic music in place for this.

(1 edit)

If you are importing this in to GMS2, two things to remember are that draw_set_blendmode is now gpu_set_blendmode (which your import should take care of) and to drag and re-order the oLighting object so that it is at the bottom of your instances list (so that it is the last thing to be drawn).

XD lol.. make moaar! okbai

so warm and fuzzy :B

<3 thanku <3

Yay! :) Thank you for checking it out! ^_^

public voting + jury votes - the judging criteria is mentioned on the jam page (if you scroll down).

I think you can edit the game - like add a video etc, but I don't think you can upload or change the entry you submitted (as itch will not let you) till the voting period comes to an end.

Hello, please start a new thread for a new problem if you face one. Also, your game seems to have been made almost a month ago. This jam is for games made in the past two days. 

Use this link and try please -

Let me know if it works.

Yup, anything goes, as long as it is not super exotic and we can play it somehow! 

Have you published the game on itch? Could you share a link to your game? 

Yes there is! We also have a slack.. Links are here -

Hi, you can use any engines and assets that can be legally use. 

Join the jam or join a team? really up to you :) It would make more sense if you were in India etc and coming to the igdc.. no one is gonna stop you from jamming! :) jam away!

They are ok, most of the time :P hehe

The missing script wizard for GMS2 :) <3

Brilliant stuff ^_^

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If you have any suggestions for new features or enhancements, please post them here.

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If you run into any problems, please post them here. If you are able to post the image used when you ran into the problem, please do so as well.