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Awesome tool to have come across, something I have been needing for a while! 

When searching, I feel the results could be more refined. Perhaps putting "quotes" around the search term (similar to Google search) will search for that specific word/phrase. Or perhaps just have that do it by default? Right now it seems to have a few strange result possibilities as showcased below:

1. (red box) while it found a relevant action, instead of using the "t" in "take" it uses the "t"  in "to" and then the "ake" in "take" which is a tad silly 

2. (cyan box) this is the bigger issue imo, these search results don't have any relevance to the input and is pulling the results from individual letters in several very separate words

This isn't a dire issue or anything, a minor annoyance at best, and just something that would make the searching/results even better. Absolutely loving having this tool in my arsenal now and will definitely be getting plenty of usage out of it. Thanks a ton for your hard work on it, can't wait to see what else you work on!

Wow such kind words! I did the sfx for the game, and I'm glad you found that they were unobtrusive (I worried a little with this to be honest!)
I actually had the idea of having the dice emit an ambient sound relative to the player's position so they could be located easier, but we ended up running out of time to get that working! 

Hey there! I did the sound design, super glad you think they fit well!

We're happy to hear you say all these kind things, we really appreciate it, we definitely put a lot of work into it!

Hey there! Sound Designer here - Thanks for the kind words on our project! We really appreciate that.
Balancing is definitely difficult in such a strict timeline, but it definitely adds to the excitement (and sometimes frustration) rng can bring!

I'd say good is subjective! That's definitely not bad for your first run by any means though, great job! 
Thanks for the kind feedback, we're super happy to hear you enjoyed your play through!