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I'm on a PC :( but I'll keep trying to figure it out! Thanks anyways!

Seems like a great game... but for some reason I can't get pass the first attention screen where it says "do not skip dialog" it says to click 'X' and I do but it doesn't seem to work. I was really looking forward to this game :(

So I LOVED the game but I am confused the "ending"? After going through the files of the Ex-empolyee and deciding not to summit those files it had said I passed the test (or something of sorts) and that I joined the pipeline? but then the game quit unexpectedly so I tried the next time to turn the guy in and it said something to the effect of "ALERT SECURITY BREACH" quite a few times and then quit unexpectedly so I was just wondering if that was the end of the game or if I did something wrong? If that was the end of the game I am quite sad because I love it so much and it felt so short to me! Maybe I missed somethings? I don't know but I really did thoroughly enjoy the game! ( I wish it was a bit longer though)

I have mixed feelings about the game so far... I've only played Mer's route's so far, and its taken me a few minutes to process the 2nd route. While its a...different twist on a love story can't really say I'm a fan of it. I like the originality of it and the preciseness of the psychology of the characters in both routes. I am a huge geek when it comes to human behavior and psychology and I really love how realistic the behavior is compare to other "love" stories, but I am also a romanticist and the 2nd route was not my idea of happy ever after xD (lol) but I did really love Mers first route a lot, so it made up for the 2nd route for me. The sprites were beautiful! But, I do wish there were better CG's. Oh, and can I just say the writing was phenomenal! The story line (For Mer at the very least) was beautifully written and well executed. I really enjoyed it so far. I'm really hoping the other two princes are just as good as Mer (The first route version xd). Amazing job!