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I have mixed feelings about the game so far... I've only played Mer's route's so far, and its taken me a few minutes to process the 2nd route. While its a...different twist on a love story can't really say I'm a fan of it. I like the originality of it and the preciseness of the psychology of the characters in both routes. I am a huge geek when it comes to human behavior and psychology and I really love how realistic the behavior is compare to other "love" stories, but I am also a romanticist and the 2nd route was not my idea of happy ever after xD (lol) but I did really love Mers first route a lot, so it made up for the 2nd route for me. The sprites were beautiful! But, I do wish there were better CG's. Oh, and can I just say the writing was phenomenal! The story line (For Mer at the very least) was beautifully written and well executed. I really enjoyed it so far. I'm really hoping the other two princes are just as good as Mer (The first route version xd). Amazing job!

Awww, we're sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Mer's endings ;( We're glad to hear you liked the route, though! As for the CGs, we have two new CG artists on board, so hopefully their styles suit your tastes more! Regardless, thanks so much for the compliments. We hope you enjoy(ed) the other routes, and we hope you enjoy the expansion! It's unlikely Mer's endings will turn any more romantic, but hopefully they'll be executed in such a way that you find them less disappointing~