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quick bug report
you can use special shot after a miss (even as late as when the disintegration effect plays)

And with that said this game needs a better dynamic than just cheesing farms...Looking forward to the post-jam update

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Protips from someone who just got 2493pt (Jam Ver.):

All you really have to know are those strats

Farm Cheesing: Place a low value farm, and keep passing turns until it hits 6

Farm Milking: After a farm hits 6, use a non-6 fire to reduce its value, and keep passing turns again

Unlimited Free Rerolls: Keep passing turns until you get the value you want

Also a bug report: You get a game over even if you fill the last space of the board with a bomb/fire which manages to open some space up (my 2493 run ended because of this)

Possible error on Scoring section: Text says that everyone other than the winner gets +1 dice when the round ends, but the example game doesn't do that for round 1. Which one is the right one?

Yup. Internet issue. Turned the VPN off and the scoreboard was loaded properly.

Then it's probably either internet issue or wine issue. (I'm using wine 2.0 on mac)

I'm getting errors after the name entry

I strongly suggest that you generate the field AFTER the first press, so that the first press is always safe. (I had first press deaths twice in a row, and this never happens in the original Minesweeper)