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Dragging the black hole around like a yo-yo and watching enemy spaceships reverse into asteroids is really fun :)

This is a really fun idea, and the music tracks are really lovely! The AI is a bit too ruthless. Being able to select the cards using the keyboard could make it more doable. And maybe a button to shuffle the cards a limited number of times could help with waiting :)

The gameplay was really smooth and juicy for a while but the framerate was mostly between 20-25 for me. The gunshots were punchy, and the music was lovely but a bit too quiet. And lastly, the way the crosshair blends between light and dark backgrounds is such an elegant use of the limitation.

Haha! That is a fun idea! But the binary sequence isn't random. 

That wasn't intended. I thought about adding combo multipliers but there wasn't enough time. Getting to 100 might be possible with them. Thank you!

Thank you for your detailed post and kind words! I thought about adding a squishy sound but a sharp sound like a ching could sound more interesting, especially if it's in tune with the music.

I love the how LL crouches when not moving. It's fun to pretend he is hiding behind the poles, waiting for the guards. I assumed the game was paused during the dialogue and went away for a while, listening to the cool song, but then LL had been caught while I was away. That felt a little misleading. Other than that, solid game with a nice twist!

This is really fun! I like that there's a challenge, which gives the player a sense of achievement. :)

Smooth and fun gameplay, funky lights, cools songs, and super cute Jammy! The only thing I can suggest is increasing the music pitch gradually to the next value, instead of a small jump.