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100% this worked this time. Appreciate it!

The updated zip allowed me to upload to panic but it didn't install. Wanted to give that feedback.

no worries honestly I think it's more on panic. Love that people are developing stuff already

I just tried to side load this and its failing not sure if its the game or the side loader. Its saying the pdxinfo is missing but I see it in the zip

Got the cart instead lol. Definitely would be a great option for a .pocket release if its built on the latest gb studio. If not I have some resources to help with a patch if you want.

Pretty cool game. What kind of carts are you building up to sell these? I'm interested but was curious if it was your own build or if you were getting the boards from somewhere.

Thank you!

Game seems pretty fun, hard to play in the browser though so I'll need to move to emulator. Any chance of a release for Analogue Pocket? Not sure what version of GB Studio this was built on.

Not sure how hard this would be but would you be willing to release this as a .pocket file? Would love to play this on my Pocket.

So I was playing this and had a dumb idea, on a potential cart release an LED that lights up the cart when the lights are on vs off. Either way love this game.

Do you mean it will be available to download or that it will be purchasable again later in the year on incube8?

Is there a way to play this on real hardware? The incube8 release seems to be sold out at the moment and it seems more fun on an actual gameboy.