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-apologies for swear words used in this comment, I just uasduasbdf I mean no offense to anyone reading this-

Holy CRAP!  The latest chapter is one hell of a ride! The beginning, as always, was amazing ;) and my gay just broke down at the newest image of Piper. I was not prepared for the sheer intensity of it. The chapter slowly and steadily descended into madness, and I could feel the anxiety rolling off the characters. Did I make the right choices? Who knows. Every time someone asked me what I would do, I would think twice, but ultimately stayed true to my word. And that ending?? Oh my god?? I just stared at my screen like :0 for a full minute, not moving at all. Everyone's breaking down and so am I ;-;

Kudos once more to the team for your excellent work! I always look forward to updates, and immediately jump on the opportunity to download it at the soonest possible time. I love WTNC, and I can't wait for what will happen next! <3

I just dragged the newly downloaded files into my original WTNC files, and it worked perfectly.

THIS IS AWESOME! The characters are so funny and charming in their own weird ways, the art is absolutely lovely (Kamika makes great presentations!), and the dialogue is so amazing  aiusndudfnui I love everything about this <3 The voice acting is on point, the voice actors make some lines funnier, more dramatic and put a lot of feeling into it. I played through the "get the annoying demon out of my room" route first, and when I played through Kamika's route next... my heart just broke. D':

Overall, this is a positively lovely game <3

Let me start by saying THIS IS AMAZING! I LOVE THIS! I love the comicbook style art, the cute & witty dialogue, and even cuter & wittier love interests <3 Both routes were awesome, they each had their own charms and lovable traits, and I just,,, ajsndfndf I love everything about this VN. Much love and kudos to the team! <3

I just finished Chapter 7 and AAAA I love it!! <3 The wait was worth it! It started out sweet, then heavy and oh man, the feels. Piece by piece, the mystery is on the way to being solved. I'm glad that everyone's efforts are paying off. Of course, the scene after waking up was one hell of a wake up call ;) Haha, joking aside, this story is THE BOMB. Everything is so good!! Once again, kudos to the team <3

This is great so far! Each love interest has their own quirks (they're all so cute and endearing in their own ways :D), the art is cute and lovely, and the dialogue is on-point! I would love to play a full version of this. Kudos!

This is a great VN! Despite having only a few choices to choose from, the point and click segment was an interesting and fun addition, the dialogue is great and hilarious, and the art is very well done.

Elliot is a riot! Her introduction at the end was just so damn good. I spent a few minutes laughing at her bluntness xD

The ending was unexpected, but in a good way. The fourth wall was definitely shattered. Lana's surprise was so... LOL.

Overall, BAKED:MAGIC is a fun game. A little short, but sweet <3

This is really cute <3 I love everything about this, from the story to the art, I just fell in love with the game instantly. Everyone's personalities were spot on, and the romance was lovely! The shenanigans were hilarious, and Sombra's scenes just made my gay heart BURST. Thank you for this amazing game!

This is amazing! The story is so intense and interesting, I freaked out when I reached the end of the latest chapter. I love the characterization, everyone has their own quirks and they're adorable. I adore my weird family. The art is wonderful, I just instantly fell in love with everything and I can see that lot of effort was put into making each scene and character distinct from one another.

Looking forward to the next chapter, much love to the team! <3