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If I was bigger this would more people, but I generally enjoyed the game and would like to see more of where it goes if you continue it :)

I also recorded some gameplay :) 

I am happy you took that joke too far and made a silly game. This is freaking funny and I loved moving around and those nasty squishy sounds god I hate and love them lol! Also a side note for anyone who's going to play in browser def read the description and TURN ON HARDWARE ACCELERATION. I was a dummy and totally forgot so when I played the frames were jumping but I got past that really fast lol

If you would like to see me struggle and fail twice at killing Carl here you go :)

Saw Markiplier play it, but had to try it myself and I really love the characters in the talk show! Especially Brett. God that accent is funny!

I hope it gets noticed more as it is a nice 20 min game to play :) Maybe we can see more added later?

Also for those who haven't seen you can see a full gameplay here :)

My girlfriend showed me this game and I have to say I wish I didn't get goosebumps but I really did. Thank you for making this it was a lot of fun to play! I hope it gets noticed more!

For anyone who'd like to see others scream and not yourself, here you go :)

Thank you! :)

Yeah the story doesn't relate much to the theme, but definitely if we had more time for cutscenes the story telling would be much clearer. YEs that too I really should've just disabled the player inputs until the UI timer was done, but just forgot last second.