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The blue light can't directly affect the oni, but it totally has a use and effect even when small that can help against her.

Glad you loved it, your video was very entertaining too!

Thanks for the advice and even more for the video, it was very entertaining and even useful to watch.

Very glad you had fun with the game!

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My first full game/test in Unity. I tried to code my own RPG battle system for fun, but when the pieces started to work more acceptably then expected I pushed forward and made a full complete little game.

It's surely far from perfect, but I hope it'll manage to entertain someone ^^


A small JRPG-like game and an even smaller yet big adventure!

When Serena visited her sister's school, the last thing she expected was to be forced with her friends into an RPG game. Shrunk to size of pawns and facing dungeons made out of desks and magic, the girls will have to face the challanges of a self proclaimed Game "Master" Genie to get their size and freedom back.