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your welcome and okay sounds good 

Alrighty, I'll check it out for sure I did get the bathroom props from there not too long ago so I'll keep a look out :)

I whole heartly agree and I completely understand because this sucks ngl, and have no idea what to exactly suggest other than maybe to redo the listing entirely to see if that works? Or is there another place where you sell the same items?

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At first I thought it was because of me but that isn't the case I'm just mostly confused as to what happened with this because keep in mind I have bought other stuff from other sellers without issues so I honestly really don't know what's wrong with this but at the end of the day everything is good so no worries.

I agree it's too weird 

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I was actually at it with this whole issue since yesterday lmao XD and I'm not blaming you over a computer screw up so don't worry.

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I literally have the history if you don't believe me. It could honestly be just a glitch and Paypal did charge me but I fixed the issue with that through them plus this isn't a troll.  

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Then I'm not sure why it kept giving me an error, it could be just the website.

Very helpful! Thank you so much :D

Big heads up when you go to buy this pack it seems the function to do so is currently broken at the time of writing, you won't get the item you paid for which is a damn big shame because these cars look fantastic. Hopefully this issue gets noticed because at this point not sure if this is an issue with the website or the seller's paypal.