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António "Xpop" Barreiro

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Although I preferred the original format, this game is still really fun to play and I enjoyed every single second of it. Props to you guys!

Enjoyed playing this game and might buy the full version.

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Enjoyed playing the game and loved the artwork but sometimes it would get really confusing to know where I was and what was happening. Good work :D

Decided to try out your game and enjoyed it very much. It's a shame that the demo doesn't more gameplay but overall I loved it. Good work.

The idea seems good but this only be an one time thing or there will be more times where you can do this types of race?

Had the opportunity to try out Knife 2 Meat U and I laughed a lot. Thank you for the experience.

Decided to play your game and had a good time. Here's the result XD

Played you game and it was a fun experience. Wish it had more but it still loved it.

Decided to do a video about this beautiful game and I had a lot of fun. Enjoy :D

Decided to try Dante's Infernya and I had so much fun playing as Virgil. A good representation of how cats behave XD Hope you guys enjoy.

Please don't make me do it again XD

I've made a video about your game. My appologies for my horrible dubbing  of the characters XD

Thank you very much for your opinion

Good Job :D