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Is it possible to make use of images, sounds from the internet?

I was wondering if this was made in the programming language scratch and then converted into an html file using HTMLifier or Turbowarp Packager.

Appropriate response bro lmao

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Unfortunately, it still crashes on launch, altough this time it doesn't just go unresponsive for like 3 minutes, it shows a progress bar with an exclamation mark on the top left. I'm guessing that has to do with the unity crash handler. It might be because of my specs or my limited RAM though. My computer is very weak so idk. It seems like an amazing demo, it's a shame I can't launch it. I'll try on a more powerful computer and tell you the results.

You click the display character in the customization menu.

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Oh, great. Good luck on the Sweden Game Awards!

Also, when is the next update coming?

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Hello, sorry for the delay, here are my specs:

  • Processor: Dual core AMD 3015 with Radeon Graphics, Base speed 1.20 GHz (Max 2.10 GHz)
  • RAM Memory: 4.00 GB (3.39 Available)
  • System type: 64-bit operating system, x64 based processor

If you need anything else, tell me.

As for the fps, it stood stabily around 6-7.

It runs a little smoother, but still lags. But my laptop is extremely underpowered, so it's not really the game's fault. I can post my specs if you want.

Yeah, as soon as I press play my antivirus software stops running the game and says it's caught a virus.

Oh ok.

Well... that's the point... horror games are supposed to be scary. You should like horror games that build anticipation and scare you the most since they are really good at achieving their goal: Making you scared.

I never knew that programs could harm a computer..

You sound like you're too young to be playing this game. Go play something for your age kiddo.

Me neither, my antivirus software is saying it's a virus.

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Thanks! Your project has a lot of potential!

This game is extremely fun! The only suggestion I have to make is to implement a graphics quality adjuster so that it can run smoothly on low spec computers.

Well making a 3d game in scratch is a very challenging but rewarding task.

No no no no no, there are legitimately good games made with scratch, but since scratch's userbase is mainly children, most of them aren't amazing.

It is very interesting and nostalgic! Great job!

It crashes for me :/ Can you please fix it?

Not everyone has enough money to buy a supercomputer B R U H

wow look -12 upvotes

I sent you the gmail.

Why do you have to pay for the desktop version? The mobile version is free..

It's not meant to be..

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I tried going out but I couldn't, so I dunno. Btw what is the lore behind that dude? Is he like a demon or something?

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Great job, mate! Keep it up! Also, while I was looking for the cereal, I saw that weird guy outside the window pushing a car. Is that an easter egg or something?

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I'm making a "lost" PlayStation 1 game that seems normal, but it starts to transition into this living nightmare as time goes on. Unfortunately, I don't have a discord, but you can send me the image files using the "Add image" option.

Anyone speak english?

Unfortunately for me it doesn't work for some reason, it crashes when I boot it up, but the idea is pretty captivating.

Uhh why are you replying to your own comment?

I've been having the same problems. Especially in the ending, I had like 1 fps.


Did you make it in scratch?

Yes, you can buy a whole computer that's cheaper than this crap.