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So, I played this game around the time it came out, but I always loved replaying it. I lost all of my content because my computer broke and I had gotten a new one a couple months ago. So I decided to visit YAGS again after nearly what- 2 years? I don't know, but even now I still enjoy it. My all time favourites are definitely James and Carlos still. Honestly, this game was literally what got me back into VNs/DSs. I always thought James' route was hard, but it wasn't really when you actually read between the lines. I genuinely adore his character and the fact that he is so loving within the relationship. I haven't replayed Carlos' route yet, mostly because his character reminds me of myself and I also had a hard time coming out to my parents and friends as well as the self-hatred that comes with being around heteronormative people and feeling trapped to play a role. I love that despite what happened with his mother, he still ended up finding the courage to just continue, which is something hard for alot of lgbt+ people. 

I also find I don't enjoy Dan as a partner, but he seems like such a great guy to be around and fun. He is someone I admire because hes so out and free and I think that it takes a lot of courage to just be like that. I wanted to include him because even though I didn't prefer the romance route with him, he was such a cool, but overbearing friend. I love that James still enjoys his company and that he became a famous writer. Although, if those books were real I'd most definitely read them.

Another side note, MC's appearance genuinely gave me a shock because he reminded me of my old appearance. I use to cut my hair that short simply because I didn't want to deal with it. I can already tell I'm going to enjoy playing ZEN and I hope to see even more amazing games in the future. 

p.s. I'm going to complete some fanart and I can't wait to show you it, I'll tag you on both twitter and instagram when I finish it <3

heres the pic from 2020 

SO!! I decided to replay the game again and I'm just as sin love with it as I was before. What brought it on was seeing the update to getting it on android ( although I don't have one and I just recently got a new computer earlier this year. Currently I am on Part 2: Chp 5, so half way though it.

Getting to the point though on what I want to touch on. It did not cross my mind that Braden had a small tooth gap and it's so adorable. I feel the need to redraw the pic I did of him back in 2020. While playing though it this time around it also got me thinking how Braden's POV would be and how he felt when interacting with Zach, like just peaking through his mind, especially when it came to the nsfw parts LMAO. 

The game still holds up since I first saw it and played through it and I'll continue to keep it as my hyperfixation even after it's done. I really wish AI had more people to talk about it because all I do is spam on my insta story about it.

ALSO ALSO, the second hand embarassment is way too strong because Zach fr be having the same thoughts as me. I'll def tag you on TWT when I do more art of them. 

Funfact, Braden was my last piece before my last laptop broke, but now I got a tablet. I'm also planning on subscribing to your patreon, I can't keep missing content. Steady job so I'm ready to support tf outta you and seeing hte completion of this game.

Keep up the good work and don't push yourself too hard xoxo

I'll definitely leave another comment when I finish the rest of the parts again.

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I absolutely love the story line, honestly one of the best I've ever played through. In some sense I really feel Zack's character speak to me because I'm also spacey and afraid of being out and honestly his high school experience is damn near similar as mine when it comes to my social experience. I started out watching chrizstorm sometime a year ago and going through this game myself, it's really was inspiring. I can't wait for the next updates !! Keep up the good work !!

jaja is 13 and mc is 18

lil weird age gape and I haven't reached the end but i don't like how it's implied you can kiss/date a 13 year old whilst being legal,,

i kept laughing through out it its amazing

Did you downlod it?

i bloody died laughing at the hamilton refrences!!

this game is amazing and the art is great as well. I absolutely enjoyed it.

what the bloody hell did i just witness? this game is amazing ngl

Ngl It was incredibly short, but simple and nice to play through. I was hoping that there was more to Aelius and Fabian though. The art is amazing as well. It was short, but I enjoyed it.

thank you, i dont think i tried those before. i know hes an actor but it just seems like mc is a nuisance tbh

Okay, I've had this game for idk 2 weeks at the most. I have managed to get Carlos, Jake, and Dan's route, both good and bad endings. The thing that bugs me is that I have been trying to get James's route and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. The first couple days I had it, I pinned for him but then I stopped and tried to go for the other LIs. And I am playing the game now as we speak and i still can't figure out James's route. help??

is the ending just continuous song playing or