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Hey again. Made another video of your game after all the updates. Wow its gotten way better. The direction you seem to be going with this is great. Loved the special climbing buildings. I will mention here (happens in the video) that you can use the wall run to just go up walls by jumping over and over. I later discovered that it has the classic bug of: you run twice as fast if you hold forward and a side direction key. Otherwise I love all the added aestetic features.

My life is regret.

Hey, played your game and made a video of it. I had a lot of fun playing it (despite not being good at it, the random levels were a real challenge.) Also the retro graphics were great for this kind of thing.

Keep up the great work!

I'm saddened by the take down, but am also glad that the totally not related DMCA's sky is available ;)

Cool mash up idea over all, especially for one made in 72 hours.

I made a video gameplay of your demo. Fun and retro, really cool! Only gripe I had was, at the default resolution I had a bit of a hard time telling when my hit immunity had passed. Then again that could probably be solved with non-video ques too, I dunno.

I had recorded it before the V1.1 update though so put anything I say in that context.

ho-boy that boss was really megaman hard.

Glad to hear! Can't wait.

Wow! Really cool so far despite the alpha status. I'll be making sure to follow this game as it develops!

Short and sweet little game, very nice. There was a suspicious amount of 90 year old gamers though ha ha!

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Hey, I made a video of myself playing the game, so you can see the way someone plays the first time.

I really enjoyed what you have here and hope you do more!