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Hey, I made a video of myself playing the game, so you can see the way someone plays the first time.

I really enjoyed what you have here and hope you do more!


Thanks for the feedback! Videos like these help a lot and I really appreciate it. I know the overall design of the puzzles is a bit messy (aka not fun and/or confusing), and to tell you the truth I did focus a lot more on the game's aesthetics (it's also the part of the game that was the most fun to make).

The original concept behind the game was that the player would have no control of time whatsoever, and would explore an open area with a lot of puzzles that can only be solved on a specific time and in no particular order. If the player was at the wrong time at the right place, he could do something else and come back to this one later. This proved to be a lot more difficult (design wise) than I thought it would and had to do some compromises (doing a more linear control of time...etc).

Right now I'm trying to figure out a way to achieve the original goal, and to make it a full length game.

Sorry for the wall of text and I hope I'm not coming off as defensive. Talking about this stuff helps me figure out what I actually want to make haha. Thanks again for the feedback and for the video.