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Amazing work, Love the menu theme and the...existential... jumpscare

I'm totally fine waiting for an update. But since it's been a while, replaying the game without much change might be fun on its own. Guess it depends on how much longer it would be for the next content update, and how much work getting a demo ready would take. It it'll be a while, then having something to play now would be nice, unless it delays that update too greatly... Feedback is important though, so in that sense getting a demo out is important... IDK!

P.s. Distortion is fun :3

Now they just need to add a time-loop mechanic where you explore multiple planets before the sun explodes! Oh wait, wrong game.

I really like the idea of variations, so if that's something practical for the game,  I would love to see it added.! If it's just as much work to add an entirely new character, then just do that of course, but I imagine it would add a lot of variety without causing too many problems. This feature would absolutely cause me to spend more time looking for the perfect specimen to take pictures of, and would sort of act as a method of personalization, by letting you make more choices off of visual preferences.

I have a very similar philosophy as an artist. The more time you spend on something, the better it will generally be, and the only way to increase how much time you have is to use it efficiently.

That's why I try to draw fast. The sooner I finish my roughdraft, the more time I have to deal with any problems I run into and improve on my design. If I realize I'm not happy with the direction I'm going, less time was wasted on it, and sometimes taking your time while doing too good of a job ends up hiding the problems with your initial plan until you have reached a dead end.

It's really easy to waste time without realizing it when you work at a comfortable pace, and I find that I'm able to make good art much more quickly than I believed myself capable of. (also, when it comes to art, being too much of a perfectionist can limit your creativity)

Planning and thinking ahead definitely has its place, but I find myself doing a wasteful amount of it. You've gotta know your own tendencies and capabilities and adapt your workflow accordingly. Everything has a limit on its usefulness.

TLDR: No shame in cutting corners, not all time spent is of equal value.

Love the ant art.

I need to double-check how much money I gave this project considering how much work has been done on the game since then.

Already an amazing game, really excited to see how you guys continue to evolve it moving forward. Super happy to hear about your personal life progress, don't feel shy about sharing if you want to!

I think Markiplier would approve of Maddy.

You added a tree in the way? I'd feel really bad if that one game journalist who played cuphead ever tries this.

I'm the elusive type d, that doesn't mesh well with most fans of this genre.

I enjoy stupidly difficult and punishing games (So I generally enjoy the "punishment" if you lose type of game), while most people in this genre tend to be much more casual gamers.

That being said, as long is the game is high quality, I'll probably play it. There just aren't enough well made H games.

It reminds me of Shantae's mokey form, which is also purple.


Those wiggle phyics are looking really impressive.

P.S. Fpov, Hell Yeah!

Imagine if Markiplier voiced for this game, it almost brings a tear to my eye, lol.

Nice touch

Visual improvements! Nice!

Are there plans to make an endless mode with all the enemies?

I've played this game so much that I need a new challenge.

Hey, been having some computer issues, and can't get the mac version to work (mojave). Not sure if it's me needing to fix more stuff or if it's the new update.

Nice crouch


Time to stab everything that doesn't move.

That's awesome to hear! As someone who has dealt with a lot of anxiety myself, seeing you be busy is a great sign.

Snek? :)

This just went from a pretty solid platformer, to, "you haven't seen nothing yet" real fast.

Kincaid doesn't happen to be friends with any blue hedgehogs does she?

Yeah, just an optional suggestion if you get bored working on bigger task items.

I think there would be nothing to lose by adding some particles or effects each time you hover a different teleport location. :)

Looks very clean though

Where'd you get that sandwich, can I have one?

Did someone say POLYGONS 


Congrats! It's good to see that you're doing well; it feels great to be in control of how you respond to life.

Bear pun, really? I'm maul-ding over here.

The animation where they open the bag is so cute.

I am so excited for this game. Definitely felt like it took longer than a week to make!

These seem like good balance changes. Only completed first 5 nights successfully, but mostly lost to Bonnie, and not once was fredina a particular threat. Power drain seemed a little fast. Also never lost to Foxy... directly

I've gotta give Super Mario a bad rating for the same reason.

Sweet! congrats on your game

Level 3? Wooooo! Yeah Baby! That's what I've been waiting for, that what it's all about! WoOoOoO. (Time to play level 3 until i can beat it with the bare minimum amount of buttons)

As an artist that likes do dabble in pixel art, that screenshot terrifies me.

Excited to try the game for the first time when it comes out!

Fish boy

Could HE be the green ninja?