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Thanks! <3 Glad to hear you've enjoyed what we've got so far. We're not even halfway done and have plenty more ambitious stories we're excited to tell, so stay tuned for future updates!

Glad you enjoyed it! I expect Tai's route to run for 5 - 6 more chapters. We'll be returning to finish those off soon 

No, I'm planning to debut at least one of the new routes either once the intro remake is completed or once Tai's route is finished, and I plan to debut the other soon after.

Everything about Spencer is revealed in Tai's Route, so you can find out right now if you wanted to!

We have plans to add a new chapter that takes place following the ending of Diego's route in the near future. I also plan to rework Diego's route eventually in the same way we're currently reworking the intro, the first chapter of that can be played on the public build by selecting Tales from Woodcrest in the main menu if you want an idea of how it's going to be different. 

Thanks for your feedback. I'd definitely recommend giving Tai's route a try as it's the route where our vision for Sileo really began to coalesce and we finally got the quality to a level we were satisfied with - don't worry, we're not the kind to make you feel bad for it. Diego gets a happy ending of sorts no matter which route you choose, and this way, you get to spend more time with him! 

Click the download button on the main page.

See the first question on our FAQ.

Purely coincidental, though most characters will eventually have scenes of their own including those in the banner. 

This question is answered by the first question on our FAQ.

Nope. I haven't played that game.


This question is answered in the latest scene in Tai's route.



I admit nothing. I'm innocent! Innocent I tell you!

Sih-Lay-Oh. If you put the word into Google Translate and set it to Latin, it will provide the option to pronounce it.

A man of remarkable taste.

You're the only person to have reported an issue like this, it might be gremlins in your save file, especially if the save file has been around for a few versions already. Best thing I could recommend is starting a fresh save and fast-forwarding through to the point you're up to. Hopefully the fresh save will rectify whatever has gone wrong. 

It won't be long, another week or two tops. And so far, feedback from our patrons has been very positive - people are loving how the new intro is shaping up! 

We post more detailed updates on our Patreon, but we're releasing new builds at least once a month with our next content update due to hit patreon very soon


Did your calculations take into consideration that we frequently skip version numbers? Or that from month to month, a different version numbers arrive on different channels? Or that a 0.100.0 series of builds isn't out of the question?

1.0 will release when it's done. There is no ETA. 

It will be a polyamorous route, no need to choose!

Sileo is mostly linear. You won't need any guide.

It'll be done when it's done, there no specific date for this planned. We expect it to be this year.

Plans can and will change, but the loose plan right now is that I will develop both side by side and will be starting in the next few months all going well. I expect to start with Axel & Dom first and do a bit of theirs before I start on Lukas.


I dunno about a god, but I sure do love me some dick.

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In about ten minutes. Just be aware this one isn't a content update.

Yep. Probably a dude I banned a week or so back who refuses to accept that he was in the wrong and instead has something of a victim complex and is using it to start some kind of personal vendetta. This wouldn't be the first time.

That sort of content is what the Tales from Woodcrest mode is going to be all about. I don't expect to explore that specific pairing, though I do plan to explore the Eric/Jay pairing as well as the Logan/Tobias pairing in far more detail in future.

That sounds like a great outcome, I'm glad you could find meaning in Diego's route. The route was a vehicle for many of my own emotions and musings following a messy break of my own. I put a lot of real heartache into it, so it's good to hear it's helpful to others too.

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In your browser? The 'Bye' message means Ren'Py hasn't even booted correctly which is most likely an issue in your browser configuration or system. Unfortunately, this is before any Sileo code even runs, so it's not something I can really help with. It's working for pretty much everyone as far as I am aware, so perhaps try a different browser or system. Failing that, use a downloadable version.

Rest assured that if it's Glenn, Roo is just begging for an excuse to slap his shit into the stratosphere! 

Glad you're enjoying yourself! The music we've used is all royalty free in some form or another so it wouldn't be our right to put it on Spotify - we do however have a jukebox in the gallery which contains every song in the game and even has download links which will take you to the authors site to download them directly! Check it out!

dem cheeks

Don't worry, things turn out pretty good for Diego in Tai's route as well, and I'd hate for you to miss out on a far bigger more ambitious route! Tai's route is one crazy ride and most agree it's our best yet!

Yep, that binding is unchanged. It's "V".