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What problems are you having?


My constant need to one up myself with these sex scenes has certainly produced some interesting results!

Take a look at our FAQ. The first question goes into detail on our progress and what's done.

The route ends on day 20 which has five chapters in total. The fourth just released on Patreon, so Tai's route will be done in the next patreon release.


TBA at this stage. Jay (or Maxwell perhaps) aren't planned as major routes, but it is our hope that some sort of content will be available for almost everyone eventually.

We're currently focused on finishing Tai's route which is almost done and we expect to increase our focus on the other routes once this is done. It shouldn't be too far off that new content is released in that route, but it also won't be in the next update or two.

The kinds of merchandise we're able to offer is largely determined by the popularity and demand of our existing merch. At this point in time, some of the more elaborate offerings like plushies and custom clothing items are out of our reach, but an increase in interest could make such a thing possible in the future!

Take a look at our FAQ. The first question goes into detail on our progress and what's done.

Once Tai's route is finished.

No ETA at this stage. I'm focusing on finally getting Tai's Route finished before I spend too much time on other things. Once it's done, we'll continue releasing content for other routes. 

That is planned for the future, but no ETA on when that'll release

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Lukas has big horns, Eric has no horns, so he's being horny to compensate. Contrary to popular belief, these things are in fact equivalent.*

*may not in fact be equivalent or even relevant.

At this stage, there will only be the four main routes, but there are a lot more stories to tell and many more characters to explore. This is what the Tales from Woodcrest menu will eventually contain, various stories before, during, or after the main story following different characters and/or telling new stories.

They will, yes.

The browser client was significantly updated in the latest version of Ren'Py, so it's possible there are bugs that haven't quite been figured out yet. Best suggestion I can offer is to clear your browser cache which should force a fresh download of the browser client and hopefully fix the issue. If that doesn't work, the next Sileo update will be releasing with an updated Ren'Py release so hopefully this will correct the issue.

Yes, Tai's route isn't finished yet. It's nearly done, but there's still a few more chapters to go.

But what platform isn't working for you?

Rusty plays a big part in Lukas' route as well as Eric's tale that spins off from that route, so he has plenty of screen time ahead.

Those characters won't have routes of their own, but will appear again in other routes.

What platform are you on? 

This sprite is being adjusted in the next update.

Eric is best boy.

Well that would require it to be finished first. Right now only Day 1 is done and the last chapter of that released just now on Patreon. That'll arrive on Itch in the next update. The full thing is still some ways away.

Err, well... I can tell you one thing at least. 

It'd be yellow.

There's not really an answer to this question at this stage. Roo and Roux will appear again in tales and other routes and that will expand their story and relationship, so just hang in there and more content with them will come


If you use the Itch App it will handle updates for you. Otherwise just delete the old version and download the new version, saves are kept elsewhere so they'll stick around 

Yes, you can date the shark!

Not sure at this stage. We're trying to focus on finishing the last few scenes of Tai's Route at the moment. Development on this route will pick up considerably once Tai's Route is finished.

Wow, you're right. Don't know how this wasn't spotted. Will get that fixed for the next update!

There's plenty of content planned for Eric. Multiple tales focus on him, and Lukas' route puts him in the spotlight too.

Try redownloading a fresh copy of the game. This happens for some people and it's usually due to corrupt files.

The X is pronounced like a Z. So, Zevvie I guess. Most wear shoes, with some exceptions like Lukas who has hooves. 

That's what Tales from Woodcrest will ultimately be, we've got stuff planned for basically every character, it's just a matter of finding the time to do it all. Stay tuned!


There will be, just hard to say when at this stage.

I see. Glad to hear you got it sorted!

If you found the issue, it'd be helpful to hear what solved it for you. It's an issue that gets reported from time to time but is never something that seems to be a 'Sileo' issue as much as it is something external to that. If it's a Ren'Py thing, hopefully an engine update will drop soon that'll rectify the issue. Being what it is though, it's not feasibly something our code is causing.