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loved it! cant wait to see how it developes!

would love it if the natural atributes we got after picking our class (the three options we get) were like, more options but you had to pick like 2 or 3 of those options, could lead to some pretty interesting mixes of character personalities and options! plus more customisation for making the character and how it affects combat haha

maybe each 2 or 3 combo could come with their own boost (say, power bottom plus domtop gives u a domming boost or something haha)

if by AOE awaken you mean "aura" then I gotta say that it's like, way weaker than awaken and not as versatile, it takes time and it only makes people hornier, plus the smarter and stronger willed one is the less it works on them and beings with the slightest of magical defenses (so 99% of feys and some humans) will just not be affected by it, it's said in the game itself when the ability is explained and we see it in effect in the school gameplay, so yea, no insta nuke threat level there

the MC has yet to use awaken on any men, but from all his grandfather has said I would imagine that he can, since he doesnt throw away the possibility, plus the fact that like, nothing suggest it wouldnt work on men, and all common sense suggests it would I'd imagine it would

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part of me wants to ask what the fuck you're talking bout, that is so out of left field I literally just said that it's okay that the game has an opposite sex focus (like, why is it a jab at people to say "hey, the audience is mostly straight so the game probs will focus on straight stuff that's perfectly fine"?), plus if we're talking sexual attraction then I have no clue why you even brought up gender that's like all you, let alone the fact that that wasnt even the focus of what I said, just that I was wondering why we didnt use powers we could cearly use

but another part of me understands that, considering your inmediatly explosive, confusing, and aggressive response that you probably are just a troll or someone that really ought to parse through things more and make some self reflection; so eitherway, I'm just gonna ignore that comment for now and if you continue acting like that just gonna ignore you entirely

on the topic of your prior and shorter comment, awaken and shatter literally do not work at a distance, the character has had to get closer to people to use it, and it cant be done in quick succession unless with a power boost; standing a few meters away with a gun pointed at em is literally protection enough under normal circumstances you dont need a nuke to take em down, so being able to affect males (which he can do that is not up to question) doesnt really make him "inmediatly nuke him" level; the fact that he literally cannot use his powers on a group of 5 teenage girls that are a few desks away from him because he'd inmediatly get caught thanks to all but the one or 2 he uses his powers on running away should be enough evidence to prove that he has the restrictions that he's literally said he has when thinking of options for what he can do in various situations (plus, ya know, bright flashes of light); his aura only works at a distance because it is a much weaker effect, also awaken cannot bring forth new desires but it can definetly twist existing ones (as we see him do literally all the time, because yes 90% of the people he used his powers on didnt want to be his fucking pets beforehand, awaken just amplifies and twists desires, he literally has to twist them with his words and people can fight back on it)

you can also buy the map of the tunnels from the merchant in the field that you can buy and go in the dark using it haha

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yea, the main character clearly CAN use his powers on males, the restriction is more self implemented than anything, tho even if like he doesnt do it for fun doing it on men still poses a huge advantage, as I said, there is no reason why he wouldnt at least ponder the possibility of using awake on jessica's husband

I think that, even if the situations are few and far between, it'd be good to have situations in which we can use our powers on men, even if not for sex at all, hell the main character might get some consequences for using his powers on someone and getting them interested that way despite his own preferences lol; it just feels a little weird to never consider it even when it is arguably the most logical option

and the fact that he can only really do on one (or two sometimes) at a time and that it is a big flash of light and requires close proximity are great limiters and reasons for doing it on males not completely depowering the organisation

and yea, I understand that with the audience the game has it really probs will never have anything but straight sex, and that's fine! my comment on the bunny boi was just that a comment lol, that's why I jokingly formatted it like I did

quite liked it! gonna be waiting for more updates haha

I do wonder why we dont use our powers on males in more situations, like, with jessica's husband when you fuck in front of him on the prison you could super easily use the awaken power to make him subservient to you, or you could use shatter while he's stuck there alone and no one's nearby haha

PS: I did kinda wanna fuck the bunny boi tbh lmao, just saying

the button to pull does sorta not drive attention as much as the new bar haha

looks pretty cool!

you can easily get softlocked if you dont stop pressing down when groundpounding haha

lmao very noice!

I liked it

loved it!

very cute and nice

tho quite short haha

pretty noice!

I liked it!




loved it! 

great concept and atmosphere

a shame that you cant see anything past the "lest eat" even if you choose to eat the child and not yourself, but everything bout the game was great!

a very noice game!

all of the mechanics fit pretty well together

pretty nice gameplay, short and nice

the twist was obvious but not a bad thing haha

played it all and loved it!

I talked to the guy at the beggining  before trying to do the tutorial, as in, pressed E to talk to em, game crashed after I saw their dialog lol

gonna go eat and try again later

I loved the game!

great style and music, very fitting

and the mechanics are fantastic! really good for design potential, and the levels and bonus levels were pretty good!

very noice!

I can see a lot of really cool potential in this

das okay!

and I definetly will!

will the game be expanded on?

loved it when I played it


will be looking into it haha

I liked it!
a bit short and would like more content but tis pretty cool for what it is

is the game with the same name minus "duels of arcana erotica" ment to be a more complete version of this? got yet to play it haha


loved it!

that's fair haha

really good!

the animation is smooth, music is nice, sound effects are good and feedbac is fantastic!

feels very powerfull but easy to follow

it has a couple problems in that the flahses plus how fast it can bounce between platforms can ocastionally change it from really easy to follow to really hard, plus I wouldnt suggest it for someone with epilepsy lol, but that's bout it

loved it!

dunno how to get out of the victory screen other than pressing the windows button haha

looks very cool

I liked it!

not that many!

I just finished it

just use the rewind to move boxes! you'll figure it out!

rewind with Q

u gotta be in the same space as the box and the sphere of the same color, your rewinding self also moves them so you could use it to lift them up

simple and fun

I loved it!

a nice short game


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I'm playing it rn and the sound and music dont seem to be working?

cant save either, a shame the game is great outside of that!

you can do it!

well, that ending sure was something