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in the alolan vulpix tent scene the screen went black except for the UI and once the scene ended the game crashed

I like it, but it needs some variations on good endings and some ending where you become the bad guy/take over the place

pretty good!

ooooh, I hope we get more ways to play round with the genders

I'd like to be able to turn the deer into a cuntboy lol

wish we could dom her allthrought

aside from after saying his name I prefer the old look of the imp, maybe a mix of both looks would be better?

both look good it's just my personal preference I think haha, really like the big wings and tail tho

the toy one doesnt work

are the events unique to when entering the respective codes?

where can one exchange the "trash" items like gold and silver for money?

huh oka, feels a bit weird but okay

please do tavi's page first cuz I got no clue how to do her route as a dom haha

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how does one dominate tavi?

played the game, I'd say it's for dark themes and gore

though the gore isnt like, extreme as far as I saw


played the tate route and loved it, cant wait for the next chapter

the main character has a lot of personality, it was a lil hard for me at first to put myself in his shoes cuz of his very subby very bottomy verbalized fantasies (which reminded me of a couple of my partners haha xP) but aside from that was great

you replied to me instead of posting it

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might be just me but even in the easiest difficulty the waves get huge numbers

I also found two bugs:

- the first one happens almost every time I close the management menu, the menu, although no longer visible, is still there which prevents me from interacting with the game's UI, I can still close it by repeatedly pressing where the close button of the menu should be until it closes properly

- the second one didnt happen at first but after the first time it happened it happened every time even when I started a new game; my ranged units would stand still and start shooting way before the enemies were in their range; this caused me to lose many times as my unit's shots would be completely wasted instead of damaging opponents

I'm not sure why either bug happens, but they were constant for me and prevented me from really playing the game

amazing, cant wait for the full game!

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feels weird that the girl gets infected from me not talking to the guy at the door tho

how does one acquire calling cards and get to the fancy party?


for some reason I keep encountering the same bug where after devouring the guy in the toilet the alien jumps way further than it should and I dont get the arrow to make it walk out of the door

how do I get the bat?

would like to know too

ACT games?

does each build have all of the previous chapters or do I have to download each individually?

the art is great and the characters seem pretty neat, pretty short rn and couldnt get to the mature scene with the choices I got, feels like too little time to really get to it as well so idk how it's supposed to happen?

very noice!

will be looking forward to how it developes!

I liked it!

it's pretty good! gonna look forward to the full game!

if you use the tissue to clean up the spill you can then interact with more objects to restore them, finally you can click on one of the cracks in the walls to make it open further and let you pass; there you can find the first secret note

there are multiple notes like that one hidden in the game, all of which make parts of the same message about someone being trapped somewhere; the second note is found in the cave below shiptown (entered through the beach) at a point where there is a wall to the right but looks suspiciously like a path, you can walk through the wall and find the note (there is also another entrance further ahead letting you make it into a backtrack), that hidden area turns colorless just like where the first note is; the third note is on a cell in the prison on the fire dungeon, the bars look like they're bent open; the fourth one is further inside the fire dungeon, forgot where exactly, and I've yet to find the fifth (which is most likelly the last looking at all the missing words), but I suspect it's in the island past the rock you gotta push, cause I've yet to push it cuz idk how to push it haha

 liked it!

I like it!

could use some quality of life changes but it's pretty good

the launcher was at 98% downloading the game and then an error appeared, and now every time I try to download it the same error happens and I cant

happens to me with hunter's hat

tried losing to it and it didnt give me any scene so idk

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I hope we can ultimately take control of the place

I couldnt find it so far, but is there some Dom route yet? maybe one where we can gather power through domination and such

also, what's the route for finding subject axel? and the blue dragon?

how does one obtain the very first scene in the gallery?

and how does one fight the big slimes?

I've yet to see a lot of stuff that idk how to see but I've also seen a lot of the latest stuff

so last time I played was in 5.1, but since we've gotten 7.1, I tried playing in the latest update but the "outside the law" mission which was impossible to continue before is now completely skipped

all the characters and the map act like I already finished it, but it still appears in my quest log as unfinished, I've yet to fight the invasion that happens in 6.0

any way to trigger the mission? or at least get a 6.0 file so I can try to get it in that version and then pass to the latest version?

oki Played it all, pretty short but I'm loving the mechanics and art style quite a lot so far