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yea haha, I am not into hyper stuff myself but I like literally everything else about this game lol

tho I do like how OP I get with constant increasing number after I got a lot of achievements lol

same, literally happened to me today, think it might be cause I have almost all achievements?

played it and got to the core, I really liked it!

I wish I did

after capturing the hypnotist if you go to the circus and explore alongside the red haired cat (and maybe if u got the hypnotist too?) there is a chance of finding the love tunnel, take that

please for the next update add a way to restart while keeping all achievements that doesnt involve beating an ending or your save coming from a previous version

that way people wont get softlocked if they find a bug that doesnt let them progress or if they manage to get to a position where they can get non of the endings

yup, aparently the next update already has that fixed, so once the next update comes up it wont happen anymore

we'll just have to wait for the next update

thank u!

and it's oki haha

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cant seem to find the bunny or the bat, and aparently there is a lion and a fox too? cant find those either

and how does one obtain more witch's bottles?

for some reason the game isnt letting me update from the older version to the new one, when I make it happen manually it creates a separate folder for it

is there a way to fix that? or, if not, to transfer the old save files into the new one instead?

yea I did that haha

I just got destroyed on the second wave where more than 3 enemies come

beat the game without getting fucked once!

minus the only way to like, get past the guards lol, least as far as I could tell, beat all other enemies tho xP

okay after like the thousand try I did find him lol


I dont know how to find the rogue in the town

how does one raise stats for oneself and party members?

and how do u lower submissiveness?

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I'd suggest either changing the movement to wasd or changing the interaction button to z or a or the like, it makes it more smooth to be able to use your second hand rather than to have to move it away from the movement keys to click the interact button

edit: I just noticed Z works for that, thought it didnt cause of the list of controls on the page haha

well, last time I played I tried both and they didnt seem to do anything, I even tried closing and opening

but idk why I opened it just now to try it again to tell u if I noticed anything and it is full screen, well, it's kinda the same size but black borders cover the parts of the screen that it didnt fit to, I pressed F11 and that returned it to small and back to the black outline once I pressed it again

so after that I tried pressing alt+enter and it actually made it full screen, this is so weird, it didnt work any of the times before, maybe it was something of my computer? sometimes a ctrl or alt or shift key remains pressed on my pc, so maybe that's what happened

thank uuuu

I'll have to wait for it haha

there is one achievement in which u free nyx or become one with it or something like that that gives u the option of corrupting him and the guard you first meet if you start a game with it, aparently

I havent gotten it myself cuz the game sorta broke on my last save just after I saved it and it was my only save and I want to keep the achievements so I'm waiting for the next update lol

so idk how extensive it is, it's probs not that big a thing and will get expanded upon later

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despues de obtener suficiente XP te aparece en el forte

y el crecimiento hay un millon de formas de hacerlo, yo sugeriria que compres todas las pociones del medio orco (en orden para tenerlas todas y ganar XP al mismo tiempo) y uses el movimiento que te da con la ultima para aumentar tamaño basado en tu tamaño

luego venceria al imp y lo dominaria todas las veses, y lo tendria como compañero (aunque sumiso tambien ayuda, pero dominante te ayuda incluso antes y te lo da de compañero)

luego haria que el medio orco valla por el camino de corrupcion

y despues de eso le agarras la mano

para la corrupción segui haciendo cosas que la aumentan una despues de la otra y es dificil volver para atras sin abstinencia lol

windows 10

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game breaks if I utter kanathar's name lol

and cant not utter it, not allowed to

I cant seem to be able to make it go full screen in any way

does luck do anything?

my guy nady's cool

fill it up with food till they give you the option to clear it up


hope someday it's openly available haha

how does one make a custom race?

and oooooh, cant wait for the dominant paths to be expanded!

very cool and simple concept

loved it!

cant download it through the itchio app for some reason

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lo jugé todo en ingles, me encanto; tenia mucho mas de lo que esperaba y la verdad lo re recomendaria, me parece que esto es el tipo de cosa para la que homestuck es una perfecta inspiracion y tiene una setting perfecta

al final decidí jugarlo en ingles para ver la traduccion jaja, puede que lo juege denuevo en español o que espere a que salga el remake del acto 1

voy a re jugarlo esto (probablemente en español) apenas salga el acto 2 jaja, me interesa ver como lo contunuan y desarollan

no estoy seguro de si jugarlo en ingles o español jaja

loved it

loved it

pretty cool and cute

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I'm guessing this isnt finished yet so I'll comment with that in mind

it's quite an interesting system for battle, though still feels like it needs a bit more to be fully fleshed out, having more specific actions and easier tells for what works and not and such, certainly prefer it myself as I'm not much for clickers but I didnt mind the OG one too much

it'd be nice to have everything from the OG game returning, and I dont just mean the characters/enemies and areas, but also the existence of menus and resting at campsites and doing stuff with cannie, I do wonder how it will be different since, well, the way you interact with everything is different

on a separate note, I Feel like a slight change in perspective would be good, as is it can be a lil hard to click on the ground where u want to, games on this kind of style typically have a more top down but not exactly top down view to mitigate it

I did like the visual style of the original quite a lot, but this one doesnt look bad at all either, maybe needing a bit more of something but I cant really communicate what I mean on this haha

I quite liked it, though I would personally like more customization


more customization for the body, costume, and the way we make those we transform look, maybe the lair too

being able to empower oneself with the transformation tech, like, increasing strength and agility should realistically be possible

make the tutorial viewable at all times

customizing the aprentice's gender and such?

options for how we interact with our aprentice, like maybe we want to use mind control on them if we distrust them or just feel like it lol

item suggestions:

stuff that gives temporary transformations and buffs

items based on researching the powers of captured and allied powered individuals

Things I found:

when we first meet the boy he calls us the default villain name instead of the one we chose

the tutorial option disapears when you check your stats in the same page that you are told about the tutorial option

pretty cool! I liked it