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 liked it!

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quite liked it!

will be looking forward to it!

I can understand that, but it's also a cool idea tbh; I think there could be a way to do it while circumventing those issues

I like it!

could use some quality of life changes but it's pretty good

the launcher was at 98% downloading the game and then an error appeared, and now every time I try to download it the same error happens and I cant

happens to me with hunter's hat

tried losing to it and it didnt give me any scene so idk

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I hope we can ultimately take control of the place

I couldnt find it so far, but is there some Dom route yet? maybe one where we can gather power through domination and such

also, what's the route for finding subject axel? and the blue dragon?

how does one obtain the very first scene in the gallery?

and how does one fight the big slimes?

I've yet to see a lot of stuff that idk how to see but I've also seen a lot of the latest stuff

so last time I played was in 5.1, but since we've gotten 7.1, I tried playing in the latest update but the "outside the law" mission which was impossible to continue before is now completely skipped

all the characters and the map act like I already finished it, but it still appears in my quest log as unfinished, I've yet to fight the invasion that happens in 6.0

any way to trigger the mission? or at least get a 6.0 file so I can try to get it in that version and then pass to the latest version?

oki Played it all, pretty short but I'm loving the mechanics and art style quite a lot so far

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I'mma be saying my impressions later on

but I do wonder how the game knew my name already haha

that's up to you to do if you wish, I'd read it, and I'm sure they'd appreciate it if they see it

dude, dusty, the reply this guy made is like, very correct and very constructive, and the fact that they took their time to reply to you and explain to you what they ment despite it being very clear to begin with is not something you should mock them for

like, I feel like you are taking "things arent perfect and can be improved but it's not anything as bad as the OP said" means that they're just shitting on it, which they arent

like, the sex scenes CAN be improved, it took a fuckton of work to get em as good as they are, and they still arent perfect, to say that they are is more of a shitting on all the effort it took in my oppinion; the system is as good as it is because of a fckton of effort and in order to accomodate further improvements

as examples of things that can be improved: allowing for automatic use of hands/tonge/etc, givving those automatic uses different speeds and whatnot, being able to use the automatic uses simulatenously, stuff likeunique interactions with neck kisses and the like, etc

to say that those things cant be added, that quality of life improvements cant be made, is just flat out wrong, the game is great and a lot of work was put into it, but it is more respectfull to the ones working on it to both give them credit for it and tell them what can be worked on

I'd like it if it slowly (at first) progressed from a single cycle of many quests to quests spanning multiple cycles, with the more achievements you get

thank you! yea I played it in the browser already haha

looks pretty good so far and I could see it being pretty good, I would like it if more cards had additional effects, like "harden" increasing the damage of cock based cards and whatnot haha

that way there is a lot more combo potential and such

for some reason whenever I try to launch it it launches discord instead?

unfortunately due to the way the thing the game is made on works making a new version of it makes any saves from a previous version unusable (it'd still be pretty unwise to use older saves even if it was possible cause chances are they would break anyways)

fortunately your achievements are maintained if you beat the game, and achievements give you permanent buffs, if you got a handfull of achievements it becomes waaaaaay easier to beat the game over and over, once you get many you are basically a killing machine lol

agreed on this

I'm checking the game rn and liking it a lot so far, but much like many games of this kind I'll allways wish that more in depth/cuztomisable stuff could be made

I think the way mario maker did a lot of things (with you dropping powerups on enemies to alter em and shaking em in the editor to change em and such) is a good way to go for a lot of things

for the matter of altering behaviour more explicitedly, I think that for basic enemies it might not be a great idea unless you add some sort of visual difference; it could be good to have "boss" enemies that are specifically meant to be edited in how they work in the editor and such, that way the player allways knows it could vary

versatility is really what they should strive for, but while keeping things sufficiently consistent to not confuse newer players, and I think these would be good ways to go bout it

the left click doesnt seem to be working for me during the battle

and the app doesnt maintain size to the screen when my pc's configurations have a layout scale that isnt 100%

thank u!

just finished the latest part of the story, how do I get all the oddities and the last armor set and whatever it is that goes into the personal storage space? (I only got the bun and idk how haha)

I have thank u!

and I've played the game quite a bit so far, got to rescuing the ranger for the second time,. in the jungle; havent checked the north yet

I am liking it a lot so far, keep up the good work!!! it's pretty friggin good haha

I do hope we get those options someday xP

I just started the game and I wanna ask, is there a way to be a dom in this?

further, is there a way to do stuff like taking advantage of when the ranger meets up with the slime? I'd love it if that was an option

like, defeating the monsters that capture others then using their own tricks into corrupting them to your whims instead of theirs, that'd be cool haha

it didnt work for me

an attack fixes that

still, for me the game goes pretty slow on browser

and talking to others can be a bother, pressing shift skips it completely but it also makes it open the special keys menu on my computer lol and pressing x skips stuff but at a slow pace, there is no button for making the dialog go fast that doesnt skip it

and the default controls are unintuitive, specially as a right handed person

and is there a way to find the one spreading the drug? it is the second objective but I couldnt get it

oka, thanke!

I honestly tried to use the minotaur's own name for it, surprised that didnt work haha; seemed the most logical

you can only top? pretty sure I remember getting the option of letting him do it or doing it yourself

and kanathar literally has an entire route where he tops; and like, yea, I think the point is that kanathar will only aknowledge you if you beat him in fights, gotta work to get that imp butt ya know? it's not like throwing yourself  unto someone will ensure they'll do stuff haha; and like, you can still choose to sub for him, it's just a choice you gotta make multiple times

what name do I tell the minotaur?

you can bottom for torgar tho? heck it's what he pushes for

if anything I was bothered I couldnt get to make it known to torgar I'd top him till I actually do it lol

I feel like both top/bottom and dom/sub arent as fleshed out as everyone would wish, but it is an in-development game, and there sorta is 0 verse and switch options other than just choosing one for one character and one for another lol

that is true, though the start can be a bit slow, specially cause what you get is randomized

it'll most likelly be improved in the future

yea haha, I am not into hyper stuff myself but I like literally everything else about this game lol

tho I do like how OP I get with constant increasing number after I got a lot of achievements lol

same, literally happened to me today, think it might be cause I have almost all achievements?

played it and got to the core, I really liked it!

I wish I did

after capturing the hypnotist if you go to the circus and explore alongside the red haired cat (and maybe if u got the hypnotist too?) there is a chance of finding the love tunnel, take that

please for the next update add a way to restart while keeping all achievements that doesnt involve beating an ending or your save coming from a previous version

that way people wont get softlocked if they find a bug that doesnt let them progress or if they manage to get to a position where they can get non of the endings

yup, aparently the next update already has that fixed, so once the next update comes up it wont happen anymore

we'll just have to wait for the next update

thank u!

and it's oki haha