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I quite liked it!

maybe, I've had it with a couple other games from itchio too, both of em also nsfw games

correction: Cannot read property "build" of undefined (the game)

Whenever I try to download the game it sends me an error message saying "property 'build' of unkown (the game) cannot be found"

I cant get em to have human colored skin, kinda hard to do with the sliders

still not sized properly for me, maybe add a fullscreen button?

yea options dont work either, and the screen is so tiny, I wish I could use it with full screen

what are the differences in content between lust doll and lust doll +? like, I wanna know if any characters are missing or the story gets changed and if anything from the original is missing on +; cuz I wanna know what to expect before trying em haha

when I try to download it through the app I get this error message "This title is hosted by an incompatible third-party website." and when I try to download it through chrome it gives me an alert that it thinks it's a dangerous file

I get an error while I try to download it "no manager for installer"

for some reason it doesnt download through the app, says it cannot read the build

the description seems interesting, might try it lol

love the art style and the customization so far

looking forward to see how the game turns out xP

really liked it, gonna wait for the full release!

for some reason when I try to make it fullscreen it goes to just the top left corner of the screen rather than all of the screen

oh man, I dont know wether I should play this or not, like, what kind of game is it? pure sheer parody? does it have anything more? is the humour good?

I might just play it one day and find out lmao

gonna check it later

cant launch it for some reason


that's understandable, though I could totally see some interactible scenes being fun to add

I've played it a bit and I really like it

havent check the map maker yet tho

and I'm not sure how to shoot with ranged weapons, every time I try to shoot a bow it shoots it to the bottom of the screen

I liked it a lot

cant wait for the rest haha

as for the fighting system you could make it kind of like a point and click minigame were u can kind of interact with the enviorment a bit
or a beatemup style thing hahah

that's honestly the two options I can imagine xP

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seems super interesting, but I havent gotten to play it since there werent many people online

I should get a friend to play it with me

u should add a way to leave the lobby tho haha

I cant download the windows version for some reason, it says it's not available and on the files available it only shows the android version

I decided to check my page and noticed u were following me and was like "why is someone following me????? I havent made anything" lmao
and cool game, I'll ceck it when I get the time

I had it turned off

still didnt get em

then again I gess it did still sensor the penises, so maybe it bugged and kept it turned on even though I had turned it off

I liked it, was very good, but how do I unlock the squares with the question marks under the ending list?

I just opened it in browser and for some reason in the game window it just shows the top left corner of the game

oh oka, the itchio app doesnt show it as a web game haha
usually it has a "open in browser" button in such cases

I like it, tho I wish I could make it full screen

cant find how to download for some reason

(1 edit)

loved it, only things I'd suggest is to make it so that if you press up aiming up has priority over aiming to the side (that way you can run and throw your head upwards) and adding more mechanics (either level dependant ones or more character upgrades, or both, I personally like both haha)
I can see how this game could easily become a sort of story based game, a metroidvania, or both, and I could even see it having a fun multiplayer
maybe even having a stagebuilder or something when u got it all figured out
cant wait to see what u make of it haha

this is the full version right?

how do I change the resolution on this? I'd like to play it without it being on just a 5th of my screen

occeous is in gnbsjhagthjgkm
does this mean we'll get to see others from the mmain 12???
I sure hope so haha