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Hey Xform! Love your games, especially BR3! I just wanted to point out that on my computer (using a Nvidia graphics card audio), there is a weird quirk where the sound stops working (the game goes mute) whenever I retry a stage or mission. I know this didn't happen in the web version, and I don't know if I am the only one, but I hope that this is useful.

Not related at all to Xform, however I'd recommend using a program like JoyToKey (my personal favourite) or Xmapper until they can implement official gamepad support. Cheers!

They released it!

Will it be made in the old Adobe Director-based engine or a more modern engine such as in UE4 or Unity?

You complete races either in Domination or Daily Challenges. While the body kit part unlock will be consistent to the challenge in Domination, it is randomized in Daily Challenges, so be aware.