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I see I've had some views. I just want to thank anyone who takes a look at Grody! It means a lot, even though the majority of people won't really enjoy it or even get very far (it's not just hard, it's also rough around the edges).

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share with you my first ever game, GRODY - An Ultra Skull Adventure. When I say it was my first game it might sound like this was ages ago, but I have actually only worked on 2 games so far so it's quite recent. I do think it's a fun game though and hope you find some pleasure in it!

You can play it for free directly in the browser. Here is the link:

You are GRODY, a cute little ultra skull who unfortunately dies a lot. But there is no greater joy for GRODY than to reach the mirrors and complete the levels! (Yes, there's no real objective here, just push forward to complete the levels - but you are free to play any level in any order!)

It's a game that takes inspiration from such titles as I Wanna Be the Guy/Boschy, Super Meat Boy and the 8-bit era. This is nothing new in indie gaming, of course, but it seemed like a very good place for me to start.

The game has a total of 14 levels (1-3 are essentially tutorials), and while the game is not a full/complete game, it has enough content in it for me to want to share it. I don't know when I will return to the game as I'd rather move on and experience new things.

Below is a teaser I made some time ago that should show you what to expect. Please disregard the URL at the end, since that was before I decided to move the game over to (which has been an amazing place for me so far).

I'm obviously very late here, but man this game was wicked as hell! I started a series on Youtube and this happened to be the first one, and what a way to start it off.