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I can see why, if you take the fact that she killed 15+ people, then she is a rather good person. I like her character A LOT lololol

Thank you for being so sweet about the issues-- Somehow makes the game that much better. It's no problem. I'll be looking forward to the time it's updated!

Hi, I tried to download the Mac version but all it did was lead me to some music files. I know it's not tested, but it does really bother me since this game looks absolutely OUTSTANDING. Please try to fix this as soon as you can.

Thanks in advance :).

I'll try that, thanks.

Holy shit - literally everyone's a murderer??? Except Tanaka of course, but he's the one that always gets killed. Always.

Excuse me, I wanted to play the game since it has very good reviews, and it looks amazing. I tried downloading it with the downloads given that included apple (since I have an OS X.) but it said that this game was only for windows? Can someone help me?