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Xavier Belanche

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You saved my day

So strange! Give me a time to remember how It was done (after fours years!) and I'll give you the right answer.

Hope it helps you to finish the game

Omg!!!! Thanks for your feedbacks! btw tell me if you need some tips to finish the game ;) 'cause I must confess it's really hard to solve it without any help of how interacting with the different objects of the game. On the other hand I'll fix the issue of the code booklet image :) so thanks again for your help!

Yep, isn't a graphics card issue... I think it's related to the screen size I guess. Can you give a try the Quirkaglitch for Windows 64-bit (screen height resolution < 768) :? binary?

Hi! tell me which specs has your computer? hope I can help you


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sounds weird, because it's a zip file nor a rar :-S I just uploaded it again hoping it'll work for you

Sorry for the delay (busy days) After see your screenshot I figured out what happens. I uploaded a new file called Quirkaglitch-screen-debug Can you test it and check if it's working well for you? Thanks in advance.

are you playing with the mac version? I uploaded yesterday thinking I solved a screen issue but sure it doesn't work for you. Can you please upload a screenshot to see what happens? Thanks!

Have you entered the code?

Done! it's much lighter now!

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First spoiler:

Thanks! The large file is due to soundtrack files (they're wav files (!)). I'll give a try as soon as possible to convert them to .ogg and see if it changes a bit the weight of the file