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Hi! tell me which specs has your computer? hope I can help you

I have a Windows 10 computer with integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics. But I don't think this is the problem, the graphics are fine and smooth, it's just that the starting screen is the wrong screen... not the one you see in the YouTube video you linked but instead the same one as was posted by Doomstruck:

Yep, isn't a graphics card issue... I think it's related to the screen size I guess. Can you give a try the Quirkaglitch for Windows 64-bit (screen height resolution < 768) :? binary?

Just one more reply, I got it to work by downloading the "screen height resolution < 768" version, this one actually starts on the correct screen! Just for reference my screen size is 1360x768 so that might be it. I just didn't see this version before because I was using the Itch app and it apparently doesn't show the multiple versions.

Also there seems to be a bug with the Itch app where (at least for me) the code booklet image doesn't show up in the game description page, which I think is really strange since the other images appear fine. So I'll file a bug on the Itch app for that I guess.

But at least it works now! So thank you!

Omg!!!! Thanks for your feedbacks! btw tell me if you need some tips to finish the game ;) 'cause I must confess it's really hard to solve it without any help of how interacting with the different objects of the game. On the other hand I'll fix the issue of the code booklet image :) so thanks again for your help!