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Neat climbing game! Relatively short but enjoyable

Beautiful game! Fantastic atmosphere all around with the graphics, characters, and music, and I like the climbing / platforming. I will definitely will get this when it's fully released! The demo is awesome and almost already feels like a full game, I've played through it a couple of times.

I'm sure the full game will have more rock/climbing types, but if you don't have these already, these might add some additional interesting interactions: 

  • A rock type- maybe slippery -  that you can't grab mid-air  (need to be touching a rock with at least one hand). You could create longer traversals requiring both hands with this, or make the player leap to a different rock before moving over to it.
  • Using a rock material but inside of a crack, rather than protruding from the mountain face, to simulate crack climbing and adding some visual variety.
  • A rock type that you can only grab from above, or from below. If you maneuver too far in a certain direction you'll fall

I don't know if it's feasible for the scope of your game, but a custom mountain / level editor of some type in the final game would add a ton re-playability and community interaction.

I just timed myself on version 1.2 (current version) as quick as I could go, and got 2min 25sec from the moment I selected a character to the moment I got through the last portal to the end screen. I didn't record it so it's not "official" but will give you a benchmark. I used the middle character with the axe, btw.

Obviously it'll be VERY luck based, varying greatly based on the enemies that spawn and items you get. Good luck if you decide to try, let me know if you get a better time!

Fantastic game, really fun and I enjoyed playing around with building  different 'decks'! 

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This is amazing! Really polished and plays well and true to Castlevania. I haven't gotten too far yet, but I'm going to play this on Coop. I'm working on some code changes tweak the balance a bit for multiplayer, giving more item drops based on # of players / etc.

Thanks! I agree, it should definitely have settings- I might make a slightly more polished version with settings, or even turn this into a more fully fledged game.

I bought this game a good while back, but just wanted to say I really like it! Very fun to multitask in. I recorded a full playthrough for anyone interested in seeing it beginning to end without commentary (pretty much taking a straight path to the end): 

The only quality of life improvements that would be nice is being able to click on the minimap to move the camera around, and a hotkey for a 5th worker. I did change the 'Shift+Number' unit selection to just be a number which makes it a lot easier.

Good work!

Got through a handful of levels, I'm liking it so far! I like the technical movement aspect. Sometimes annoying to die at the very beginning.

These look really cool, I'm actually going to use one of these for my phone background!

Fantastic art style! Had fun playing this, I like the design of the tentacle enemies.

Is there a way to see what tags a game/asset is using? I was thinking of making a plugin to be able to filter games in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality by tag, but I don't see a way to look at the tags. I only see the Genre on the bottom right of the page, which would be handy, but not as robust as I would like.  Are tags visible at all somewhere?

Fun relaxing little game!

Great climbing game with good mechanics! I've been looking around for a more technical climbing game, this does cool things with the different holds and makes you pay attention to form.

Really great so far!

Fun game! Ran into a weird bug where the hand had blank spots filling it up for some reason.

Very fun game! I like the difficulty in this, haven't gotten super far (couple of weapon upgrades, level 6 or 7 i think). Great mechanics, losing shield when shooting threw me off a little bit, but there's a great balance between all your tools and keeps it interesting for such a simple game.

Very nice aesthetic, and cool character switching mechanic!

This was pretty cool, I like the idea. I would've liked to play a bit longer and actually be able to save people, or some type of end-game.

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Hello! I made a game for this jam, I tried to post at 11:58 (after finishing some last minute bugs) with some issues. Can I still enter this jam? (Game is playable at currently, fixing my post :

You could upload this to the pico8 website, or export it as HTML5 and upload it to this site! (That's what me and a few other people I've seen have done).

Just type "export filename.html" in pico8 and it'll create an html and javascript file. Change the name of the html file to "index.html". Then edit the html file to remove the three line breaks (<br><br><br>) so that it will fit on properly. Then zip those two files together and upload!

Very great game! I like how you have to play it yourself and understand how it works before the autoclicking starts. and if you hate clicking at the beginning, you can buy the potions of autoclicking to focus on using/buying items. It's so satisfying to watch the character go through the dungeon as you help manage the other aspects.

Favorite so far! Looks fantastic and I like the decision between upgrading the clicking vs. idling and how that changes as the game progresses. I really enjoyed the x2 bonus minigame, it was a great way to add variety and help the player move forward.

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Thanks for the comment! I agree it's pretty hard at first, and probably unnecessarily so. I initially had it as more of a linear map and more smoothly introduce some of the harder navigation / areas. I tried to keep that a little and have it easier at the top than the bottom. So maybe I should do a linear easy area before it gets to sort of "hub" area where you can roam free and choose a path. And make it easier overall with a handful of "challenge" areas.

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I forgot for the longest time to post! This game is incredibly fun, and I think will become one of the games my friends and I will regularly throw into the mix when we get together.

Everyone from casual to more experienced gamers had a blast with it. It's simple, smooth, and its ridiculous.

It might be nice to have different ball / gravity types. It's very hard to shoot it like a traditional basketball because it falls so slowly, and would be fun to play around with different settings. And maybe something to discourage goaltending (which, iirc, is beatable by passing it to them, then dashing through them instantly stealing it and getting invulnerability. But that's kinda advanced).