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Looks really cool!

Here is the official critique by the famous game developer Xangotrick:

Thanks to all the reviewers, if I'm not mistaken, this closes of this chapter of reviews for the A10 prototype. The current builds I am working on are now no longer considered as prototypes, we are officially in alpha development! For the time being, there will be no releases, I'm focusing on going beyond mere tutorials, and producing actual content.

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Thanks to JB!

Thanks to cryptic!

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This is where you can post your reviews, for the current version A10, containing the 4 tutorial levels! Thanks for your time :)

Thanks to the youtubers who took time to go over my game. All input is valuable!

If I'm not mistaken , this is it. If I forgot someone, I really truly apologise, all the youtubers I contacted, were contacted through different mediums, so it's hard for me to keep track of everyone!

Thanks to AndyPlaysAllNight!

Thanks to Goosey!

Thanks to Are0us!

Thanks to Doodrun!

Thanks to runaway!

The comments were becoming a mess, and to avoid confusions in terms of which reviews correspond to which version, this will be the method to separate them. A04 is over, so this topic is locked.

Feel free to send me a mail at

Unity Engine! Wouldn't know how to do without it!

Well, given what I've seen from the fellow youtubers who reviewed my game, I think I can safely assume it's a prototype I'll be working on more intensely from now on. I'd like to thank anyone who played the game. The bugs and issues highlighted will be addressed in the coming days and weeks.
I don't believe in "weekly" updates, I'd rather produce something with much more content, in a few months time.

And I'll fix those darn controls!


Yeah, you and the previous person highlighted the control scheme issues. I'll be addressing that !
Thanks a lot for your time and your video!

For the viewers: Regarding the control scheme, entirely my fault for not removing the qzsd keys. It's intended to be played with the arrows keys.
Thanks for the video!

Thanks! Sent you an email, and I like what you did with the thumbnail :p

Replied to you on facebook, but thanks again man! Pleasure to see you play!

Thanks! I guess I I'm just eager to know how my work gets received :p


Thanks again for the video runaway!

It's quite slick. The one thing I would personally see removed is the flips, especially the front flips that happen on their own, it's a bit disorienting. Other than that, it's really slick, you nailed that movement.

Thanks for trying the game!
Saw you are a dev as well, but in VR. You got any advice for me to get more traction?

I have skype, but could I know why?