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It's quite slick. The one thing I would personally see removed is the flips, especially the front flips that happen on their own, it's a bit disorienting. Other than that, it's really slick, you nailed that movement.

I agree that it is slick but I love the fact that the dev. put flip jumps in the game. It gives you more style if you use them while jumping, therefore giving you a nice amount of different combinations and uniqueness to the game. The front flips, as you maybe already know, are used by real parkour professionals or even the beginners in order to soften the landing and redirect the momentum towards the floor towards the way they will be running at. In my opinion, the flips when you jump and land from a high place adds realism and a nice mechanic to the game that cannot be seen often. I also agree that the dev got the movement perfectly except for the strafing which is too sensitive and fast. I'd like more maps or 'scenes' for more experience and possible parkour routes, too.