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Screenshots/short video please 

this looks dope, downloading


VR, nice! checking this out 

@owlor Thanks for looking at the page and the thoughts on the concept! Since it is a co-op pc+vr game, the third person pc part of the game works if you want to just run around as the little tv head dude.

Hi! We made this game for global game jam, but wernt able to complete the whole story we wanted to tell. The last week of January will be spent finalizing HelperBot's quest for sentience!

I enjoyed my time with this. Neat puzzle figuring out what to do. By the time i got to the end i was giggling a little. Great work

Nice entry, any screenshots?

Congrats on winning!

Congrats on doing so well in the jam!

*Spoilers* the last star is right behind your head (((you just can never see it ;)

@The Stairfall Institute Thanks for the kind words. The atmosphere is what im most proud of, and I learned a lot about quickly iterating to come up with something fast.

I wasnt able to add in a win state due to being busy with work, but congrats!

Could use some balancing, i was having dificulty getting by with a single tower and lost before i could afford another

Good stuff. I love this control method and vantage point

Great puzzle! I would love to see a compliation of these

Great premise, lots of polish, fun times trying to catch the little guys running around. The sound effects gave great feedback to what you were doing.

This was great! I loved throwing the little people.

Great game mechanic! i loved it . I made it to level nine before my machine couldnt handle it any more, haha.

Love it! so goofy, thanks for sharing

Blew my mind. Sweet and simple experience. Great work! I highly recommend this .

Tons of fun! Id love to see an expanded version of this

Lmao epic 

Looking forward to trying this! Yall make cool stuff



Looks neat. Ill test on Vive soon



Thanks, good luck on your projects!

Any word on vive support?

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Gottcha, thank! see you soon. great jam theme!

  • a e s t h e t i c

Is it OK to use other libraries/teams/free assets ?

Id say dont worry too much about numbers on , use it to practice and learn lessons before moving to a platform with more eyes

This is cool. I listened to some vaporwave and just fell backwards in time.

Looking forward to playing a working version of this, a parkour game in vr would be pretty cool

Might be helpful to have a little direction to brainstorm around.

Cool Theme

Thanks for the response. I think this project could be pretty cool. I look forward to playing what you are working on.