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Thanks for the review and feedback toasted.

Hell yeah!

TwitchPaint community · Created a new topic Community Ideas
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Seen Twitch Paint in action and imagine something...more?
Thought of a small tweak to improve the experience, a fun direction to enhance the enjoyment?

I'd be happy to hear all of them here.

Some ideas so far:
 Power Moves: Player is rewarded with paint points for painting on the canvas, these points allow the user to make power moves, painting  larger areas of the canvas in a single swift action. 
 eg. Box, H Line, V Line

Paint Tools: Powerful tools for the streamer's painting flow experience.
 eg. Fill Color, Line, Box, Radius,

Super useful for keyboard feedback when listening to music,

Could I load a custom sound file for each use?

Works great, thanks yellow!

Thanks brettstory, I'm glad you like it <3

Great juicy little game, can't wait to see what else you make!

Awesome! Thanks Yal

Nice one thanks yellow!

Similar to the image below,
I'd love to see color matching code brackets as an option for readability.
Customizing what colors and how many different ones before looping color again would be a very nice addition.
E.g. Red, Green, Blue, Red...
I'm sure you get the picture.
I saw my friend using this in his IDE and fell in love with it
I would love to see this implemented in GmEdit as its my preferred GML editor.

Kind Regards

Rainbow Brackets - Plugins | JetBrains

Thank you for the feedback, I agree it could do with a continue or two, I've added that to my to do list.

Thanks, it is built on late 90s 3d Tech.

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I work there, in my spare time I work on this game. They were kind enough to let me put a poster up. <3

Ollie the crab needs your help!
Find all the Time Fragments and
restore order to Planet Perspective.
Can you stop Professor Tentacle