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She's going through her own hell with her fiance, and her car, and job. I don't wanna stress her out more. Plus, she and I got into a huge fight a month ago, and I refuse to even talk to her about anything struggling me, since that started the fight.

This game is amazing! It helped me to relax, and conjure up happy memories. Thanks for making a great experience!

Revisited this game, because why tf not, and I gotta say, this game is good. Just a small warning, don't kill the clowns while eating. It may cause loss of appetite.  But other than that, amazing game.

And I don't like clowns, so that's saying something. :)

Dude, Lamu in the beginning is adorable! 

Just a quick question, how did u decide to combine a cannibal(?) llama, and horror? I'm curious!

Thanks. It's (maybe) obvious that he wants to talk to his friends rather than his girlfriend, who needs support rn, but that's fine. I'm going to let him come begging for me back, like he did the first time.

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Secret Ending, can someone please tell me how to achieve it? I would be really happy! Thank you!

Also, @boredbradley if you are by some chance reading this, sweet game dude. Sheeps are really underrated, and this was just beautiful! My little furry heart was squealing with excitement when I was able to play this! Just amazing! Hope a sequel gets made! <3 

Edit: Never mind. I got it. Just get every answer right (Answer everything to where he is pleased. Get the good ending first)

Dude, the (spoiler) fall matched the scream of the song cover I was listening to! :0

Weirdcore vibes anyone?

bad choice to play this after eating


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Is it wrong that I ship my main character (WyspyCB, my account's namesake) with Jester?

I mean, a glitch and a demonic jester. Sounds good, doesn't it? >:)

Edit: I just finished the game and (SPOILER!) got the first ending. I ship it even more now. 

May the Jester and Wyspy's love be filled with hell on Earth!

Update #2:  my current bf is ghosting me. He may be busy with work, but this is the second time. 

For anyone struggling with Gender Dysphoria (Trans, Non-Binary, etc.)

         You are loved. You are amazing. I love you.

For anyone struggling with Body Dysphoria,

               You are beautiful/handsome. I love you so much.

I know I'm a stranger on a screen, but I do. We're never going to meet (maybe) but I do love you. Keep being amazing, and shining as bright as you can! Keep walking with your chin up. Eat some good food, and binge watch a good show. Take some time for yourself. I don't wanna sound cliche, but just do it. <3

Hi there! Sorry it took me so long to reply! But here's a small gender dysphoria/euphoria update:

I still struggle, but my bf has helped me through. Thanks for the small reminder that I'm beautiful. I identify as Non-Binary, but I use it was an umbrella term sometimes. If you wanna get technical, I'm Agender. But, I prefer Non-Binary. I feel so proud, and I want everyone reading this to know you are beautiful and I am proud of you, no matter your gender, sexuality, or race. We may never meet, but I wanna say something.

                   I love you. <3

eyyyyyyy! I found a clan I belong in!!

I won't be able to play this game, but this is a great twist on a nostalgic classic! Can't wait to see how it turns out! :)

Hi! I wanted to give u an update! I did ask my crush out, but he rejected me. Wasn't ready for a relationship. It's ok. I asked my other crush out, (and I finally accepted myself as polyamorous, or being in multiple relationships) and he accepted me. My other bf, well...that's a different story.  He doesn't know abt my polyamorous-ness. But, he and I are doing ok. We had a few arguments, but we're fine. :) Thanks for reading this shiz. Have a great day! <333 

"More bugs than on a dead horse's body?" Damn. That's funny af, but seriously, I hope it all works out! I can't wait to scare myself again. :)

This combines my two favorite things.

Llamas and horror. Thank u

The art is so cute! Really cool game! This may have inspired me to work on my art some more! :D

Thx for the eternal nightmares. Thx. :)

Let me try again, and see what I can get. I'm sorry for the false info PINK! Keep trying! 

It's amazing how much Katie looks like me. Seriously, she looks like my prettier twin! :D

This game made me cherish my little indoor kitties, Tigger and Onyx, and the strays outside, Munchkin, Macaroni, Stubs (Cuz he has a stubby tail), Willis Jr (Cuz a family member has a cat that looks like him), Mama (The mama of the kittens), Batman (Cuz he looks like Batman), Cinnamon, Salem, Callie (Cuz she's a calico cat), and my personal favorite, T.K. If anyone gets my reference, thank you. We also have SugarBear, and LoveBug, as well as Socks. RIP Garfield. rabies, and had to be put down (humanly). This is a lot of (stray) cats because I keep friggin' feedin' 'em! But, I'm not gonna let them starve! If anyone wants cats, hit me up. Just kidding. They're not for sale. :)

Nice game. I would only recommend an option to lower the mouse sensitivity. I don't like the one move of the mouse, and it jerks to the side. Other than that, 5 stars, dude!

The life of a McDonald's worker lol

For someone who doesn't like clowns I felt bad for the clowns. Except for the jack in the box. He made me feel bad about the world. :)

I really felt bad for Ms. Stretchy and Mr. Handy. Those fates broke my heart :-:

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Holy sh- this game. I just spun in my chair, eating crackers, drinking some stuff, and clicking that button. 10/10, five stars, this was funny af

This is amazing. I love tarot cards, and this helped a lot. It's like it read my mind.

Thanks for making this. Non-Binary people are not really all that celebrated in society. I welcome all Enby peeps to stand up, and celebrate yourself!

I'll start. 

I'M NON-BINARY AND PROUD!! (Taken from Spongebob's "I'm Ugly and I'm Proud moment.  Which I am that too. At least I'm proud! (: )

Dude, I feel like I have been going through Gender Dysphoria since I came out as Non-Binary, and to this day, my gender gets mistaken. This game helped me to understand not only the struggles of transgender people, but also to help me understand that gender dysphoria is something that everyone who changes their gender goes through. Thanks @exodrifter for making this. I wish you the best of luck! You are beautiful, no matter your gender (except me. I ugly (: ) <3

That IS a bizarre Bonnie. I just now noticed it!

when switching from cam 11 to cam 1, chica's cupcake flashed for a brief moment? Anyone else getting that?

right?? why is he so weird looking??

the fact that #69  i chose was "Date the Duck" and then it said I made out with it is funny af

If I have to watch them disappear while I'm looking at them one more time-

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Who else got into a staring contest with Bonnie on Night one while he was on the stage?

And played with the doors and caused yourself earrape with them?

Just asking. (I did)

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To whoever is playing this game:

Wherever you are, whomever you are, whatever you're going through, I love you. We may never meet, but I love you. You're beautiful/handsome, smart, funny, and a great person. You are a beautiful star in my eyes. And I'm just some person on the internet! If you need to talk:

SoundCloud: Bri/WyspyCB (Message me there)

Genius (I'm taking a mental health break from it): WyspyCB

And reply to this comment if you need me.

Have a great day, reader!! <3

I'm not crying. You're crying!

Stop. This game, dude. This game...;-;