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love this game. visuals and gameplay are awesome

Thank you so much! i had never made  any sprites  from a top down perspective before so that means a lot!
Im glad you enjoyed it, maybe i'll add a small tutorial window when the jam is over! 

I love this! i really like the graphics too,

thank you so much! i'll definitely do my best to refine it once the jam ends!

thank you! and agreed, i think i shouldve been moving the characters position directly inside of through its velocity! ill change that once the jam ends

thank you! for your kind words and the feedback! i'll add a timer inside of the players script so that you can only take a hit once every  2 seconds or so after the jam  ends! 

oh it was just a little collision bug i think! i stepped in front of the little sprite that plays rock paper scissors with you and when i exited he was underneath me and i couldn't move

Thanks for your feedback! ill definitley look into the gate bug and fix the zombies walking through the well once the jam is over! :)

Thanks! and strange another person posted they had encountered that issue as well! ill try and fix it once the jam is over!
Thank you for your input! :)

Awesome Game! i really like the art and sound design, however i got stuck in the costume shop

i love this!

This was super addicting haha i love the simplicity in it and the idea/story is super creative and unique!

this made me jump lol i loved it

Thank you so much! I really like those ideas! i think i'll make some more levels and add those things in! :)

No worries! That was a design flaw on my part :)

Wow! That was Fun! I really enjoyed how difficult it became after the 3rd bot came in. The randomness of the bots/targets bouncing around gave me so much anxiety lol! Very well done :D

Thank you! That was one of my favorite parts of making the game :D

I'm Glad you enjoyed it! :D

This is a really good idea thank you! i think i will implement that once the jam is over :D

Thank you so much! im glad you enjoyed it!

Oh No! Joinification of all people must be acheived! :)

Yes there is its in the bottom left corner of the screen :) I will make it bigger and add a keyboard input for resetting levels once the jam is over :)

Thank you so much! :D i'll make it downloadable and add some more levels!

Wow this was fun! i love the use of double pendulums, also being able to add and subtract from the number of spins felt really cool


Thank you! I'm Glad you enjoyed it!  It was really hard making levels that were challenging but not impossible  :) 

This is a wicked fun game!

Fun concept! i seen someone else already mentioned this but smoother controls would make it feel better! :)

This is really fun!

almost made me cry :)

Thanks so much Sven!