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I am very much looking forward to your new works, may I ask when they can be released? (This article is from translation software)

Can I apply for a refund?

Please open a credit card payment channel, The bank card I use cannot be paid directly through paypal

Thanks for your reply, I have found a solution: don't log in paypal, directly use the bank card payment. I have purchased your material and I will use it in my game.

感谢你的回复,我找到了解决办法:不登录paypal,直接使用银行卡付款。 我已经购买了你的素材,我将把他们用到我的游戏中。

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Hello, I cannot buy your material through itch. io in my country.  You told me that I could buy it through unity_ store.  But the resources of the unity_ store are not complete.  I am Chinese, the above content from the software translation, hope you can understand.

你好,在我的国家无法通过itch.io购买你的素材,你告诉我过我可以通过unity_商店 购买。但是unity_商店的资源并不全。我是中国人,以上内容来自软件翻译,希望你可以看懂。


Hello, I come from China, my paypal account cannot buy your works, may I ask whether your materials are sold on other platforms? Or is there another way to get it?



Would you consider quitting the animation only collection, because the other content is not what I urgently need

How to obtain the relevant copyright license documents?

1.Will there be an animation-only collection? Because the other content is not what I need.

2.How to obtain the relevant copyright license documents?

如果你是中国人,我希望我们能用中文交流。 因为我想批量购买和使用您的动画。 我不明白与您之前回复我的奖励相关的内容。

我找不到您的电子邮件地址。 我的电子邮件地址

Are you a Chinese?
I bought your 2017 collection.

Are these contents included in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 packages?

<span class="transSent highlight" <this="" is="" the="" finished="" product. <="" span="">Without map blocks, it is useless to buy them. </span> A very bad purchase 

Very good work, I would like to ask if there are any doctors, wizards, similar materials to create this series of works in the near future? 

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These animations are really great! But I do not understand the first item of the terms, may I ask how can I legally use them in my commercial games?