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USE -> Light!

(I'm going to make that clearer with an update!)

(2 edits)

Hey, sorry for that!

I've just tested a fix with 2 different macs and it should be fixed now, please let me know if that works for you!


Edit: Indeed, this seems to be caused by a Unity bug when signing macOS builds. 

I manually made some changes to bypass their signature, but the game now asks for a security check before opening it the first time (System Preferences -> Security & Privacy)… Annoying, but at least it seems to run now.

I'll keep an eye on this.

Oh, boy, sure it is… Sorry! :(

Been working real hard on many, many ambitious stuff for the game and I hope I can have (good?) news soon!

All I can only say is that I guarantee* the wait will pay off! :)

(*Not guaranteed.)

Hey, thanks for playing!

Jesus, you're completely right… that really is a shameful typo that should have never happened. And other players have told me about that weird stairs hotspot, so… yeah, this is going to be the perfect excuse to change it at last!

I'll try to push an update tomorrow fixing both things. Thanks again!

Thanks for the video and for the nice words!

Glad to see you had a good time with the demo!

Sure thing!

But DO play it. *

(*Not mandatory.)

Thanks for playing and for the video!

As I saw other players also had problems with the first puzzle, I ended up adding a hint system to make things a little bit easier (but not too much). Hope it plays better now!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you had a good time!

(PS: You're SO almost there…!)

Thanks for playing and for the nice words! I'm glad you had a good time!

(Tell your friends!)

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

(*Please, excuse the lack of tentacle-related content in the demo.)

Thanks for playing! Glad to see (literally) that you had a good time!

And yeah! When the original demo was ready I felt that a couple of things could be easily improved, and little by little… well… I ended up with something completely different.  But these things happen.  I guess.

Thanks! Will check it out!

Thanks for playing Pato!

(PD- Mucho ánimo con Sol!)

I don't really know what to reply without lying or spoiling anything

Thanks, glad you liked it!

(Don't know what game you're talking about though, you accidentally wrote a lot of asterisks.)

Yep you may be right  (already taking measures)

Thanks for playing!  I really value this kind of feedback

Thank you! Glad you liked it! 

Well… hi!

I've recently released the demo of Port Valley, (the game I'm working on):

It's a Point & Click adventure game where you witness three points of view of the same story… from the same character. A guy who just wants to have a calm life and an easy job (but that's not an option in this town).

In the full game, you'll see three parallel versions of the main character attempting different jobs while trying to understand what's really going on during Port Valley's Election Day

The Demo is an hour-long vertical slice of one of the three parts of the game: The Delivery Guy plot. The puzzles have been simplified and the story has been abridged to fit the new length… but it should work as a first taste of the mechanics and characters!

And some screenshots:

Thanks for reading!