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This is a nice game - the scenery is well done.  I was not sure where I was headed to though - maybe a mini-map in future versions?

This is a lot of fun! Nicely done - the play is smooth and the sounds are great. Well done.

I thought it was a lot of fun, the music was great and the graphics were really cool. You should feel proud of what you built here - its nice. Runs well on Linux too.

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Neat game idea. I really liked the art work - the trees looked great. Some of the camera move was a little jarring, but overall nice work. Runs great on linux.

This game was so fun! The puzzles were just difficult enough to make me feel smart!

I had a lot of fun playing this game - I appreciated the ambiance. The music is really nice too.

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Well done - though I felt a little bad about scaring that kid into standing on buttons to hold doors open :) Really nice tie in to the themes also.

That is so nice to hear because the music was the thing that stressed me out the most. I decided to keep it as simple as possible

That's my record too! It seems like its going along easy and then all of the sudden a life explosion!

I feel the same - it puts me in a trance sometime. Especially when I've run it with a larger board size so the patterns live longer.

Thanks! It was a lot of fun to make.

Well done! Very creative concept - I liked the music and the whole vibe of the the place. 

How has this game been rated by 5 people when there is no file uploaded?

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This is fun - nice work. I really like the ambiance and the mechanics were a lot of fun - you might want to cap velocity though since it gave us a shortcut :)

This was a fun little game - and I like how you addressed the theme -  thanks for sharing!

This was a lot of fun - I especially like when you get to fly. Well done!

I can only see part of the screen in the web view - can you increase the viewport settings in the game settings or add the full screen button option?

I really enjoyed playing this - the graphics are spot on. Nice work.

Thanks! It was a blast to make.

No matter how much I click in the window, nothing happens.

This is well said!

Yep - works as advertised! Good update.

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Thanks, good input. I removed a nerf in later levels that caused a low range to be selected and made the indicator drop slower. That should help.

That was a fun time thief.

Great game - it only took a few seconds to pick up but was challenging. Nicely done.

Where is this exit you mention? I don't see anything marked as an exit and I traced along all the outer walls and didn't escape. Are you tricking us?

This is a nice game! I am surprised how long I am sitting here just putting fuel rods in and taking fuel rods out.

This is great - feel of the game is nice and its pretty easy to get in a rhythm with it.

This was fun to play - good concept.

I really enjoyed this! It was a lot harder than I expected. Nice work!

This was a fun and sweet story - I enjoyed the journey.

I enjoyed it - thanks for sharing it with us!

Its a fun game, though very difficult. I spent 10 minutes on it and it was 10 minutes well spent. Nice work.