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Thank you - I'm glad you enjoyed playing it, I enjoyed making it :)

Thank you so much for this kind comment - I am glad that others felt the vibes I was looking for!

This is a great game - well done. I appreciated the tutorial and that I could skip the tutorial on other play-throughs. I played it several times and enjoyed myself - the models we great, and the colors were bright and cheery. Nice work.

I didn't mean repetitive - I really enjoyed the game loop and developed a method that worked fairly well, until a naughty elf would come along and elf-it-up for me :) It was well done, fun and extremely well crafted. Nice work!

I like how the lights in the building turned on as the snowman went past - good effect. I also liked how the snowman was animated to lean with inertia.  I missed the sound effects though. Fun little game - thank you for sharing! 

This is a well-crafted game and fun to play. I especially like the artwork and the SFX; the combo of tiny pops from Santa's guns with a full-on explosion when the enemy dies is gratifying. The ghost visuals when Santa dies are cool - excellent work all around. It's a fun game that works and looks great!

Those are kind words - I was hopeful that it would make people feel that way and so hearing that it did is very gratifying. Thanks much!

Thank you - I appreciate hearing that. I was hopeful that I could share a little of what it felt like to be in that place and time, so it is good to hear that it worked for you :) Thanks for the feedback on text duration - never sure what the right amount to stay on screen without being distracting.

Grab some ears, slap an elf, drop some ears, grab some ribbon, slap an elf, drop some ribbon. Repeat. That was a lot of fun - I didn't expect slapping an elf would be so cathartic - nice work! I really appreciated the art - very well done and the SFX were on point.

Very nice - it had a great vibe. Well done!

I got it to work - I downloaded and ran (had been trying to run from itch app - which doesn't work) - its a cute game! I had fun.

I liked it - it was fun and well done. Did you make the models yourself - it makes a difference, but the game page doesn't tell us anything about the development process - would love to know how you made this.

Fun little game; thanks for sharing it!

Very nice graphics - did you make the models from scratch?  It also crashed for me at around the ~1:20 left mark on multiple times, so I wasn't able to make it very far. 

This was a fun little game and worked rather well. The art is basic, but the action did what it was supposed to and gameplay was good enough to keep my multiple rounds. Nice work!

It starts and immediately dies for me - I see the Godot splash and then nothing else.

Oh the video memory usage! It was too much for my pretty-high-powered PC - there was a lot going on in this game, but I am not sure why Unreal needed access to my network for this game?  I think there was a lot of good stuff in this game - some graphics optimizations would help those shine through. 

Was able to run it - fun little game!

So, I liked that a whole lot because it made me literally laugh out loud everytime I heard the screams! The gameplay was fun and I found it easier (and funner) to knock kids into presents than to bring the presents to them. Lots of interesting physics here to (try jumping on top of a kid) - it is a fun game and that is the point of a game. Nice work.

Very well made and well explained, I was able to make my way through the process and deliver some presents correctly (sorry to whoever asked for the buff teddy, it went down the wrong slot) - the sound effects were good and the graphics well polished. Nice work!

Thank you! With more time, I would add a mechanic to let it speed up for those who wanted to move faster. An interesting part of this though is that growing up in a rural setting didn't let me move fast - so the game is accurate. For example, 'just down the road'  - over 2 mile walk away - things took time. I wanted a little of that reflected in the game.

Thank you for playing and letting me  know!

I am the same as you - with more time, I would put in a mechanic to help speed up the play a bit for people who wanted the story faster.

This is very nice feedback - it all started with the mountains and the sunset to twilight, so it feels great to know they were noted and had the right effect. Thanks for playing and hope you have all the best this season!

Thank you so much for playing andfor your kind words - I appreciate the feedback. It does feel nice to be kind even if others aren't always.  I hope you have the best of the season!

Thank you for that - I am so glad that people are digging the vibe. Happy holidays!

Thanks for the feedback! I really enjoyed making it, so glad others enjoyed experiencing it.

This is a cute game - thank you for sharing and have a great holiday!

Great graphics, SFX and general operation - well done! I do believe my Santa is a little more forgiving than your Santa and just wanted all the kids to have a merry Christmas! :)

That was so sweet and so well done - loved the ambiance and the art work. Your game made me feel good.

That was fun - loved the tree ax style weapon!  Nice work and happy holidays!

This was a fun game - nice SFX!  Nice work - happy holidays!

That was fun - I played multiple rounds. I thought I was doing well, but the store was a lot bigger than I thought! Well done.

That's good feedback - the idea was to be ambiance driven and allow time to experience the place between the interactions.

That was a fun game! I liked the action and layout - the color scheme is great. Nicely done.

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That's a hard game! Good sound FX and fun visuals.

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I had a 40-year-old memory floating in my head of a Christmas in a time and place long past, and I wanted to see if I could recreate the ambiance of my recollections and share it with you. In Christmas in the Mountains, you play as a young child delivering gifts to neighbors in a mountain community - you get to decide who to give gifts to and learn a little about their stories and times.

Thanks for trying my game - please leave feedback in the comments.

Yep, I fretted over this a bit, but Atari games didn't do much in the way of explaining game mechanics, so I was a little limited. I considered giving a small amount of mana at level start but decided the Atari way would be to let the player figure it out :)

I enjoyed this! Very cool vibe - I liked the music and the art and the controls were easy to use. Pretty satisfying feeling to hook one of the yellow fish for 100 points :)

This was a lot of fun - nice work! The missile command part was cool itself, I liked the way the background took on more definition each wave. Then getting to the After Command part was  cool - multiple games in one.