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Oh dang - I see above now that it says 'x to pause and z unpause'

Played your Linux version - thanks for making that - but dont know how to get a menu? I tried escape, but nothing.

I really like this and am having a lot of fun playing it. Keep the content coming!

This is very sweet. I am sorry that you've been sad, but you are right: you are not alone. We are all in this together. Well done.

Thank you for the comments - I especially appreciate the input on more paths and finding your own way. That's good advice.

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Thanks! You are correct - I am not clearing the message state when reloading the level. Have the fix but can't update until after the jam. Don't forget to rate my submission :)

This is a cool puzzle game - I had fun with it - well done.

This was a cute and fun game - fairly well polished too. Nice work.

This was cool - though I got stuck a few times - thank you for providing a Linux build!

It was a nice experience - well done - thank you for sharing it with us.

This was a fun shooter - thanks for sharing!

I really appreciate that! I made the art (tiles, background and animations) with Gimp and took advantage of the builtin paralax layers in Godot. 

Thank you! The stars are made with builtin Godot particle system - was surprisingly easy effect to make.

Honest to God - I think you should win R3Ked - you put so very little effort that a lost password knocked you out of the competition. 

Thank you! Loki has a very tense relationship with the neighborhood crows IRL - they gang up on him when he leaves the yard - I think he has crossed them.

This is a cool game - love the animations and the cool colorations on the cats. Nice work!

The owner gets soooo mad :)

Why are you posting this to game jams if it already released on the play store? Seems like a weird spam advertising or something?

Nice work - was fun to play :)

Made it to 170 and was pretty proud of my accomplishment - you should be proud of your too, this is a fun game!

This was a lot of fun! I like the expressions on the animation when he swings the stick! Great stuff!

Is there a Linux version or a web version available?

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This is a really great game - and I have only played the campaign mode so far. Looking forward to trying out the online mode and horde modes! Very nice work to the developer and very worth the small cost to me.

I've been playing it on Linux and it has a very smooth - almost native feeling.

Okay - I enjoyed this game. Relaxing and smooth. Well dome.

This is nicely done - glad you returned to it!

This is a nice game - the scenery is well done.  I was not sure where I was headed to though - maybe a mini-map in future versions?

This is a lot of fun! Nicely done - the play is smooth and the sounds are great. Well done.

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Neat game idea. I really liked the art work - the trees looked great. Some of the camera move was a little jarring, but overall nice work. Runs great on linux.

This game was so fun! The puzzles were just difficult enough to make me feel smart!

I had a lot of fun playing this game - I appreciated the ambiance. The music is really nice too.

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Well done - though I felt a little bad about scaring that kid into standing on buttons to hold doors open :) Really nice tie in to the themes also.

That is so nice to hear because the music was the thing that stressed me out the most. I decided to keep it as simple as possible

That's my record too! It seems like its going along easy and then all of the sudden a life explosion!

I feel the same - it puts me in a trance sometime. Especially when I've run it with a larger board size so the patterns live longer.

Thanks! It was a lot of fun to make.

Well done! Very creative concept - I liked the music and the whole vibe of the the place. 

How has this game been rated by 5 people when there is no file uploaded?