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Awesome! I'm looking forward to playing it. Thanks!

Sure! Maybe call out the itch link if you use it?

Only for games at the moment. Thanks!

That's amazing. Sure! 

You can use this sound effects asset pack in multiple games, no extra purchases required. Other asset packs might have different licenses. Thanks for the question!

Of course! And thanks! More games need an old harbringer character.

In response to your question: I asked my great grandfather if he'd like to help. He said, "No! Get out!" and a bunch of other great phrases. This asset pack is the result of that meeting.

My pleasure! Enjoy!

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With purchase (including the new bundle purchase), you can use the assets in free and commercial games. You don't have to credit me. Resale of the assets alone is not allowed. Thanks!

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Thank you! Adding small tweaks and new content has been so much fun. I plan to expand the clock tower area in the next version.

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I'm not able to replicate that error. Thanks for letting me know. I'll keep an eye out for it! In the meantime, feel free to download the game (no loading screens in the .exe versions)!

Thank you! V2.0 will have some clocktower Easter eggs!