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What space inside the vessel do I start on? I have the same question for Just a Dungeon and Night at the Museum but didn't comment there. I know I must be missing the obvious because everyone else knows. Do I just start anywhere? Thanks. John

In case some else mentions it, the rules also specifically state that a Failed Quest is discarded "back to the box".  I still like your conclusion that abandoned quests are essentially neutral outcomes and not factored into the Star Grade. 

I like that conclusion. Abandoned is a neutral outcome. And now it occurs to me that if you counted them in to the Star Grade, it would be very difficult for my final score to meet or exceed it if I had any abandoned Quests.  Thanks for circling back on this.

Many thanks for responding to my question and the other question I posted. John

The base Rules (v2.0.0) say you may discard a Luck cube to reroll any number of dice once. I read this to mean that when you discard a Luck cube you get one reroll only. However, I could also read this to mean that you may discard Luck cube only once during a quest. During a single quest, may I discard a Luck cube, reroll and if I don't like the result, discard another Luck Cube and reroll again?

The Base Rules v2.0.0 Final Grading describes the Star Grade as "The total number of stars for all Quests (all failed and successful)." (Emphpasis Added). I suspect "all Quests" includes abandoned Quests as well as failed and successful Quests even though it's omitted in the parenthetical description of all Quests. Would this be correct? Sorry to ask the obvious but "failed" and "successful" Quests do have a specific definitions different from an "abandoned" Quest. Thanks