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Nice game, hope you make more stuff like this 

Thanks for playing the demo!

Great to hear your review! Thanks for playing the demo!

I think I can work something like that.

This review definitely gave me a good glance at what I should be changing, thanks for the feedback!

Hungry Cube Game

Title:  Hungry Cube

Information: You eat or you starve

I'd like feedback on: Is the game fun? Or what are your ideas that can work with my prototype?

This is awesome!

BladeWorks is a top-down shooter game with the only intent of surviving! This game may not look very pretty right now but I plan on adding real assets to give the game some life and meaning to its title. 

There has been a new update that completely changes the gameplay of the game for a more enjoyable experience. Hope you enjoy it!

BladeWorks by Woyboy (

cool game

I see the inspiration and your idea, hope to see the final product!

Great game! Very similar to what I've got going but it's still great. Can't wait to see what you do with this in the future.

really awesome!

Great game! I love the visuals of the game and especially the unique controls

This is awesome! Great visuals and story that gets me engaged.