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Thanks for the feedback!

The heavy enemies toward the end can be tough, you really need towers along the entire path and enough supply to keep them firing constantly, it's not easy but it should be possible to get through it.

Upgrading towers was planned but I didn't end up having enough time to design and implement the necessary UI, so I simply added a countdown to each tower and turned it into the boost mechanic that's in the game now.

Yeah, those last rounds were meant to spawn basically all together and try to rush your towers, so you needed towers along the entire path or some of them would get through. But I messed something up when tweaking the campaign timeline and now the last couple of waves are super slow and easy. So you just have to wait those out if you want to see your score. The lesson here is: even tiny last-minute changes should be tested properly. 😄

I don't know yet if I'll continue working on this game, but if people like it then I might expand the campaign and add some more levels.

Thanks! The cost of buildings is actually shown in the tooltip when you hover over a button in the build menu.

Thanks for the feedback!

1) Aw, I proofread everything like 5 times but it looks like that one slipped through..

2) Oh no, I thought I fixed that bug. But I'm glad you enjoyed the game enough to want to play a second time!

Nice! Iirc my highest score during testing was in the high 8000s, gonna have to step it up if I don't want to be beaten at my own game. 😅

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Thanks for the feedback!

The bad news: Removing buildings was a planned feature but unfortunately I had to cut it to make the submission deadline.

The good news: At the end of each game it shows a screen with your final score for that game and a bunch of stats including enemies destroyed, money earned, money spent and carrots harvested. So it's in there, you just have to play a little longer to see it 😄

I can't play this game. The download is only an .exe, the .pck file is missing.


That film was also my first thought, but I'm still trying to come up with a fun game mechanic around it.

Help! I clicked "book" on several bands but they don't show up on the stages screen?

This is the original version, as it was entered in the Ludum Dare jam. It's always been difficult and unbalanced :-)

Suggestion: I'd like to be able to upgrade the ski lifts to a better type, instead of having to demolish them and rebuild them because they never line up in just the same way.

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They look great! What's the license on these icons? I.e. can I use them for a commercial product and (how) should I credit you?