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I kind of fixed it by first rendering the normal animation, exporting it, then rendering the reversed animation and exported that too. Then I loaded both animations in my engine and made it look good by deleting some frames myself. 

It would be great though if CodeManu would implement this feature in the program, and I find it kind of sad that he doesn't reply when I ask him a question.

Cool game!

There is a typo in the beginning, it's predecessor and not precedessor. Just a tiny thing though, the game looks awesome!

Hi, thanks for replying!

I saw that, and altough it makes it look like how I want it, it still does it for that amount of time. I would like it to render endlessly. Is that possible?

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When I make an animation in Juice FX, it looks good. But when I press render, the rendered version doesnt look as good, it doesnt animate fully. How do I fix this? And how do I export my animation fully and not that it sort of 'stops' at the end?

*edit: it looks better when I set the render time to 2, but then after 2 seconds it starts over again. I basically want the animation to go on endlessly, not stop after 2 seconds.