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Working Class Games

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You just reminded me I could follow people via rss on mastodon :) (old here) there are dozens of us, dozens!

I love these, they are so cute! Using them for a small zine on cooking right now.

Thanks so much! That's a terrible job but you make things so much easier for us thaankssss

I will have phone booths in my game now, they're too cool to pass up :)

The shops are looking amazing! And congrats :)

Please take some time off and get some rest! I heard from a lot of people getting rest early can help to avoid long-term problems. Take care :)

I really want to live in this house :)

Fantastic! The camping updates were all great too, building my forest camp level now :)

Honestly I'm adding a camping / forest / river level in the game I'm making because these assets are so lovely :)

Yes! Thanks for the chicken :)

Omg just what I needed, thank you!

Finally got around to testing this, it works very well, thanks! Didn't have any problems.

Enjoy the break :)

It's already amazing, congratulations :)

Really great! Any chance for another pack with more NPCs?

Amazing music! Helps me visualize my game scenes too :)

Nice! Just what I needed to make a new level ^^

So beautiful ^^

Very cool :)

What options do you use? I do slice: "grid by cell size" and then I need to manually set the cell size, often that's 16 by 16.

PS any chance of say, a pixel chicken? :)

Very cute! And nice animations :)

Congratulations! Fantastic game :)

Loved the book, thanks for writing it!!

My apologies, I've corrected it.