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Working Class Games

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Very fun! We played with the Tarot of Mystical Moments. We used my rpg dice to roll and changed those to fit some extra moments of luck, trying to open a safe, trying to escape...

Cute zine!

Oh thanks! And glad to hear it runs well :)

I've been using your ships and terrain in Raxxnorian Alliance,

it fits really well, thanks a lot!

Hi, thanks for the nice music! I donated a bit, happy winter days :)

I had a question: between seconds 13 and 15 in the Jolly Beats track, is that abrupt silence intentional?

Hi, you still need to approve for the holiday indie super bundle! see discord, messages...

Hi, you still need to approve for the holiday indie super bundle!

Hi, you still need to approve for the holiday indie bundle!

Hi, you still need to approve for the holiday indie bundle! check your messages email or discord :)

Hi! You still need to approve your game for the holiday indie bundle (check your msgs discord or email)

Ooh a mech suit :) well mostly a few regular cars and an armored vehicle that say dystopian police forces would use.

This looks so cool! is the vehicle pack still coming?

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Much like above: complete sets of sprites. E.g. player, enemies, a few types of terrain that all fit together.

Also say more people of color player characters.

Hi, thinking of joining, but I can't see info about how the proceeds are distributed, is any % withheld by the creators, etc.

Cool! Thanks so much for all the work!

30$ sounds good. 40 is a bit on the high side I fear - would many people buy the bundle then?

Incredible music! Just wanted to say that :)

No worries! Thanks for all the amazing work :) Making a small classic vertical shooter with your ships now, so fun!

These are so cool! Do you have plans for some projectiles or a separate super projectiles pack?

So cool and spooky :)

love the truck and the fire station too!

Fantastic! Thanks :)

Found it, thank you!

Very cool! A downloadable version would be nice. On my laptop the buttons on the right are blocked by the itch buttons, unless i zoom out a lot.

Incredible again :) are you thinking of making a ssw desert too?

Hey these are nice, thanks!

Thanks a lot! Ow yes that second one is convenient too :)

I couldn't find it in the manual, is there a way to hide the menubar?

PS I discovered this a few days ago, so awesome! Loved hypercard, and I'll join the decker jam :)

Anything to make a cool adventure game with would be great!

So cute, love the hide too :)

You just reminded me I could follow people via rss on mastodon :) (old here) there are dozens of us, dozens!

I love these, they are so cute! Using them for a small zine on cooking right now.

Thanks so much! That's a terrible job but you make things so much easier for us thaankssss

I will have phone booths in my game now, they're too cool to pass up :)

The shops are looking amazing! And congrats :)

Please take some time off and get some rest! I heard from a lot of people getting rest early can help to avoid long-term problems. Take care :)

I really want to live in this house :)

Fantastic! The camping updates were all great too, building my forest camp level now :)

Honestly I'm adding a camping / forest / river level in the game I'm making because these assets are so lovely :)