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We just pushed an update with the new content and hopefully fixing this issue. If someone occurs it again, please report it back.

Glad that you got it working! We will investigate if there is a problem with the client so it doesn't happen to more people. Thanks for reporting back.

Hi, on what hardware are you trying to run it? Because of high compression, some older configs with low RAM will struggle a bit

That is strange, it shouldn't call for Steam at any point. We will have a look at it and push an update as soon as lifts our upload limit to 5gb. Currently we are trying to compress it bellow the 4gb limit that we have. :(

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About The Game

Wounded is a survival horror game that puts you in the role of Tim, a father who got separated from his daughter Lisa after a storm caught them off-guard out in the open sea.

Upon uncovering some of the secrets at the Big Rokk Motel, Tim realizes those who captured Lisa, are somehow related to the actions of his wife Andrea, a famous Altana Detective investigating “The Skinner” case.