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absolutely devilish, loved it.

Iplanned even more tiny styles to go thru!, like a tiny wario ware kind of game, but the game jam time limit cut me short

thank's for sharing! it looks awesome

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So im making a unity webgl game whose resolution is 860x700, im rather new at unity development and im sure i've made many mistakes, one of them is is the game's aspect ratio, or rather, that it will ONLY look good embedded in the page if its 860 by 700, and the problem with that is that its too big

If i try to make it fullscreen, the whole screen goes to the left for some reason

The most responsible option I have is working on it so it can actually look good on any resolution but that is honestly too complicated for me at this point, i still have much unity to learn and id rather be able to concentrate on finishing the rest of the game rather than fighting the resolution right now, so i think i have an idea of how i want it to be solved:

If i change the zoom in my browser, the game scales properly, and I know that makes changes in the CSS file of the page

My theory is that i could make the game look a bit smaller so it can fit on a normal computer screen using a style sheet, either a custom itch style sheet or editing the unity index file, could anybody help me with that? I know what CSS is but i have no idea how it really works.


great, thanks!

this set looks really good! But can we modify the assets as we like if we bought it or just use them as is?

Se realizaron una serie de cambios, el bug de no poder continuar una pelea despues de perder una vez se ha corregido, hay mas indicativos de a donde puedes ir en el mapa, se puede saltar la cutscene inicial y hay un boton de ayuda en la pantalla del titulo si quieres saber que hace cada boton durante las peleas, gracias a todos por sus comentarios!

Glorioso, injusto y medio feo pero glorioso, me encanto

aunque falta pulirlo tiene una mecanica muy interesante y es visualmente bastante atractivo aun siendo minimalista, buen trabajo!

A tu juego le falta el unityplayer.dll, donde esta basicamente todo el juego, sin eso no se puede jugar!

I used one on a little game I made so I gave you credit, these and the others in your HF line are very pretty!

Im not going too hard with 3d unity yet, but this is totally on the list when i do! it looks great!

I low key expected some nihilist turn at some point haha

cute little work tho!


-Alejandro Añez

-Aníbal Solimano

-Alejandro Aquije

this really reminds me of one of the unlockable minigames in wario ware was an action game where you spinned the character to kick the enemies