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Here comes the

$ 111.11 $ VIDEO CHALLENGE $

to celebrate the release of our Discs of Steel Party game !

How to take part:

Record yourself playing and send me your funniest/most cringeworthy moment(s) with the game and win 111.11$ !


-You own a copy of Discs of Steel Party.

-Only videos showing yourself playing the game and/or gameplay footage

-Nothing NSFW etc. (just in case you planned to play naked).

-You have a working PayPal account (or i can not send you the money).

-By sending/taking part you agree, that all video footage provided by you may be used for promotion material and state, that you are the legal owner of all the sent material (so please make sure there is no copyrighted music playing in the background and such).

-Send video links to:  

All acceptable material will enter a lottery and i will draw a winner, which will then immediately receive the 111.11$ per PayPal, at the 

15th November 2018.

Challenge starts NOW and will end next month at the 15th November.

Have fun + good luck ^^

I tried to design the ultimate retro style party game and this is the result ^^

The intention is to have fun with friends, so there is an AI you can play with (and against), but please consider this a couch coop title.

Controllers are not required, you can use the keyboard (and share it with a friend as well), in true oldschool fashion.

You get three game modes and a lot of options to tweak everything to your liking. So you can adjust all game modes to your actual skills and make the action slower or faster and add more or less crazy powerup combinations.

If you want a cool little party game, that is a serious challenge as well, here it is !