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I kept expecting some sort of horror twist, with the lack of music and such but instead it just feels...sad. But still put together well!

Looks really cool and the mechanics feel well done so far. Keep up work on it, I'd love to see this more fleshed out

Decent game, though a little short. The slight delay before the attack was annoying at first, but I got used to it. Otherwise it shows a lot of promise.

Interesting little game, would like to see a longer version. 

My only complaints are there being no run and the fact that the character sprite turns back to the camera every time you stop moving.

An okay game. 

The drums in the music can be a bit over powering, and the mechanics need to be a bit more fleshed out, but it has some potential.

Pretty good game, though i would suggest removing the need to press space for every move

Pretty good, though once I got to the eighth platfor, I immedietly die once I land on it.

Thanks for the feedback! I plan to work on the gameplay first, find a way to make it more fun to play. 

As for the font, I'm dyslexic and that font is actually readable for me, lol, so i will change it to something better once the gameplay is finished. 

And I will look into the unresponsive you faced. 

Thanks again!

You might try something like:

if( fullscreen ) Screen.fullScreenMode = FullScreenMode.ExclusiveFullScreen;

else Screen.fullScreenMode = FullScreenMode.Windowed;

Though I'm more used to godot myself.

A good start, but kinda buggy. I ended up getting the E stuck on my screen no matter where I was. Other than that, its a bit confusing, but still a good start none the elss. Good luck!