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Ah, I had tried it just with one pineapple, but I must have added and removed some things before trying it like that, because it worked when all I did was remove the mushrooms first. I can keep playing, now :)

It played nice to begin with, but as soon as I got to the bit where it said you could remove things by clicking on them in the crafting panel, I was no longer able to bake stuff, no matter what combination of ingredients I tried.

This was fun and I was worried I wasn't going to make it to the end, at times. I think a little bit of the end text may have been cut off by the bottom of the box, but most of it was there!

I got to 247 before running into a wall — it's a good game. If you ever spend more time on it, it would be nice to make it more of a challenge later on by either increasing the speed or making some of the people move.

This is a fun entry. I didn't do very well at first because I didn't realise the game had started, then the shoot button didn't work for me, but after that I worked out what to do. I like that you can bounce off one enemy and land on another.

I got to 69.

Thank you!  Hopefully we'll have more small games in the works at some point (and we might touch this one up a bit more, too).

Definitely a fun idea and I do love the overall feel of it. I agree with some others that jumping the little guy around can be a bit tricky, but considering your programmer had a problem (hopefully they're okay), it's great that it is what it is from the jam. Presumably animations where the levers change position when you pull them are among those you didn't have chance to implement?

I got both arms up the first time around and for some reason couldn't get the apple, but it worked fine on the second attempt. Great idea!

The character creation screen made me smile when I realised what was up. Love the concept!

I'm glad I managed to fix my keyboard input lag to play this, because it was pretty fun. I like the way the arm retracts after retrieving the item (although it got stuck in the middle of some walls once, which was quite funny).

One improvement I'd like to see, especially on the last level, is to not have the grabber start straight away — being able to press space or something to start moving would have been great!

Good job on this :)

Ah, that makes sense. I assumed it was just a really big box full of money! I hadn't managed to make it there yet, though, so I imagine I might have noticed I could hide in it if I had.

Great game. Out of interest, is the third level (with the warehouse) winnable? I couldn't work out a way to get to the exit.

(Also really liked the sounds :) )

Unfortunately I didn't get very far (because I'm terrible at platformers), but I think this has really cool mechanics. The platforms moved a little slow for my liking — or were a bit difficult to jump onto (it seemed a bit vague to work out the timings), but the lure of more points made for a good pace. I couldn't manage the bit where you had to jump over the spikes.

This was pretty fun to play! Everything worked well, apart from the jump button sometimes not working.

I really would have liked it if ESC didn't take you right back to the beginning, as I kept hitting it on impulse when I wanted to pause (even though I didn't need to).  It was also a bit hard to read the text, as it was the same colour as the podium, but I don't know if that was intentional.

But yeah, this is a really nice jam game. I remember seeing your screenshots in Discord and thinking it looked cool :)

I think I managed to get about thirty slices before I got hit in the eye by a hot dog :D

I liked the concept. I personally think it would have been nice to have a couple of lives rather than instantly losing to hot dogs, but that doesn't really matter much. Controls were a bit slippy, but that made it interestingly difficult.

Good game for the jam!

I liked the idea of this and think I lasted a reasonable time. For some reason my mouse didn't point at the right part of the screen, but I think it would have been fine if I didn't change the resolution.

As for anything to improve, I would have liked for it to be a bit clearer what strength the mafia was at (possibly available whilst judging them) — I was surprised when I lost because the Mafia statistics at the end of the day didn't look too bad, but I wasn't sure what I was meant to be comparing them to.

It's an interesting idea!

Thank you!

Brilliant idea. I completely suck at it, but it's a brilliant idea :D

For the information of anyone downloading, if you get an error message about a missing folder, just rename the folder ending in '_Data' to 'A Hero in a War_Data' and it works fine.

It's a nice game and I think I predicted the ending, although I wasn't sure if it was meant to stop where it did, as everything just froze.