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I didn't play it yet, but if it's made in Renpy then there's big chances to play it through app "JoiPlay" 

Yeah, godot can pack small games into one executable file.

No problem. You can play with joiplay any renpy game, some rpg maker game(not all cause some games have addons not supported by app or on android os) and twine games (html games) 


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You download the game for windows for example and unpack it. Then you turn on joiplay, click this + on right bottom, fill up name and then click on 3rd box to select executable file. That is this  ".exe" or ".py".

Also you might need renpy add on, it's on google play too

You can play it on Android with JoiPlay. It's app from Google store. 

Can i know what engine u use? 



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Alright, i didn't know about tyranobuilder pwq

Hello, wouldn't webp be bit better then png? I converted it to webp (with quality 100%) and packed both in packages 7Zip. Pics with Webp weigh less by 140 MB. 


Alright, thank you pwq

Hello, Whether backgrounds with premium pack 1 are present in 2 or not? pwq

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It's great! But is there any possibility to turn vibrations off?? And will you ever post update for demo or not too much? 

I just asked for location, I sometimes delete games from phone since it doesn't have much space and i backup saves 

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Hello, do you know where android saves are located? 🥺👉👈

It's not an application to install. It is webside game. 

Don't worry, everyone has low times in life. Just take your time and don't look at negative comments qwq

Sorry i didn't notice qwq

Discord would be okay, but first i forgot to mention that for now it's free project and i don't offer any payment at the moment. 

You sure that instalation was successful? I was thinking that, but for me it didn't install and i didn't notice. Please, check app version in phone settings. 

It it'll be the newest version then i don't know 

For me helped deleting save files

What exactly happens. Cannot install or something else ? 

If you can't download game, then it's problem, not game. Try downloading it without exiting browser, sometimes phone turns browser off for part of the second when its in background and it might cause error in downloading due's automatic download links. 

I was using the newest build because i was downloading few minutes before commenting 

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Hey, i found why it doesn't install (on Android) when you have old app. Game has problem with saves. I put old saves away from save directory and app got installed. Then i put old ones back to game, but game didn't read them (i mean that there was no signs that old saves even exist). The most interesting is that when i tried to save (on place where old save was), I got this screen:

The only option no to play game is to reinstall it (or just delete old saves)


I have furry visual novel project (it's still at the projecting stage) but I'd love to have few original tracks. But they'd have to be in medieval style. Also, what about payment? 

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I might be stupid, but i can't install android version. Ot always says that it's has been not installed. I dunno if it's bc my phone or with apk installer. 

Edit. Apk was damaged due download dunno why. Downloaded again and works qwq 

Anyone knows where it has saves on Android?