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I thought the game was very cute and silly! 

The game turned out really good! Found a small bug, when you die you seem to keep all your upgrades! :D Movement is very smooth and the enemies can be tricky to avoid later on!

i'd refine the first person perspective more so than the playformer, i think you could make a really compelling and interesting horror game with that eerie low-bit fmv :D 

Very fun a quirky! I really like the graphics and some of the ideas! Of course I jumped into the void immediately on my first play and crashed the game xDD

I really liked the graphics and audio! It all looks and and plays smooth, although I wasn't expecting a sidescrolling shooter from the intro! Still lots of fun albeit pretty difficult

I couldn't get very far I wasn't sure what to do, i moved the flower onto the table and opened the crate but right and left clicking didn't really yield anything else, the second time the siren went off i had to quit @.@ that sound effect is loud and painful

I absolutely ADORED the intro sequence with the omnious mood and music and the fmv style low bit pictures reminding me of games like lost in time... then it became a kind of clunky platformer ^^;; I ended up jumping i guess where I wasn't meant to go and walking right and falling off the map oops.. But if you continue the game like the intro is I'd LOVED to see more!! :D

Art is really gorgeous! There's some tearing in the tiles in some spots, tweaking the camera's values usually fixes that! Very cute game :D

Ahhh i didn't know i needed to right click! 

I don't know if the E, U and Ah were supposed to do anything to the platforms, because they didn't.. but i loved the sounds xD I managed to get past the first level by just walking around and jumping at the goal but then I couldn't progress past that.. :U

Thank you! I'm sorry the UI messed up for you! Hopefully the updated versions won't have this problem! 

Thank you so much for your review!! :D I hope you try out the game once we release some updates ^-^ 

I did go a bit ham with the jellyfish! Thank you! :D 

The graphics are really sharp and clear looking ^-^ Love the animations! Great job!

It took a bit to get but I love the concept, I would love it if there was more potion options and maybe more bet options, right now it's very easy to cheese by giving them a 0 buff potion and saying they'll die at level 1, but I love the concept and hope you keep working on it :D

Really cool! I like the concept and it's a lot of fun! It's a nice strategy game :D 

Fun little game, I like the puzzle mechanics with different tools you get! Fun!

The game is a very fun bullet hell! Really challenging and clever mechanics

Very fun little puzzle game! I love the graphics they're very cute but I was a little confused first playing what i was doing but I think i just hit a bug where the game wouldn't progress, but reloading it fixed it :)

A very fun little idle game, I like the sprites they're really cute and charming :) 

A very fun spin on tamagotchis! :D 

Was an alright tetris clone but I never saw the snake, it said next block is snake and never was a snake :U 

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I bumped into the kappa and was launched into level 2 and I'm not too sure how to play, I wasn't able to get my skateboard out
The graphics and music were really great though! Would love to see the bugs ironed out of this one :D

I love the mechanics of the graphics getting reduced to show how damaged you are, really clever, though at 1 vitality the game was really difficult to see so I wish it didn't get reduced so low, or if it did it slowly regened back over time instead of using a regen pack

Very fun! It reminds me of Quackshot for the genesis! Great job on this one! :D

Oh my god that's so adorable!! We have plans on continuing the game so there will be lots more to play, also I'll recommend taking a look at Ecco the dolphin the game that inspired this one <3 <3 :D

Thank you! It was a lot of work but we all came together and got it done :D 

Thank you! :D
We plan on continuing the game so feel free to follow us for more updates~

might be better to make it so the hero spawns slightly off from where the player can place objects :D that way they can't do anything to them

Game is very pretty looking although it's hard to tell what my health is, the gameplay is a little repetitive after a bit especially with so many enemies but overall a very fun concept and lovely style :D

Really interesting little game ^-^ I like the concept of it although I'm not sure what the red cube did when I bought it lol 

A lot of fun, the controls are really smooth, but i wish you could move backwards i kept getting my ship jammed on the sides xP

Very fun game although i struggled a bit with the controls

I don't know how to play and looking up is just pure white, it seems like a fun concept but it didn't play right for me :(

Very fun! Although i found it was easy to cheese it by putting spikes/crusher right where the hero spawns

thank you! Yeah the jellyfish can hurt you when you grab them, other enemies won't though! 

Very fun! I didn't have anyone to play with but the controls feel tight and responsive! 

Very fun! A really well made and executed game!! :D

ah shoot I thought I tested it but I did some balance tweaks at the end and must have forgotten to retest it

but I was going to tweak the game and release an update this week with more levels and some bug fixes  ^-^